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Silver Lining: How Probate Courts, Lawyers and Guardians Rip-off Senior Citizens

 Silver Lining: How Probate Courts, Lawyers and Guardians Rip-off Senior Citizens

SPECIAL REPORT: by By Adrian J. Wright

This report will require several parts to conclude. It will take the reader through a series of events from the personal evidence and stories of families who have gone and continue to live through it.

Part One: Who “They” Are

As America’s Baby Boomers age, a nefarious plan has been in place across the country to transfer millions of their hard-earned money, property and freedoms into a system that is fraught with thieves in suits and black robes! The atrocities that happen in the probate courts need to be investigated and the perpetrators put in prison for their role in this senior rip-off scheme!

Millions, perhaps even billions of dollars have been illegally taken away from senior citizens through America’s corrupt probate courts. It is this reporter’s intention to expose and uncover this exploitive system headed by countless judges, lawyers and court appointed guardians. What many of us have suspected and continue to fight against, is the coordinated efforts by the courts, lawyers and guardians (including guardians at litmus) to funnel the assets earned by senior citizens to line their own pockets! This practice has become the new “cash cow” for corrupt judges, lawyers and guardians who have taken advantage of this vulnerable population, while local and state officials have turned a blind eye to countless complaints from family members.

When seniors can no longer care for themselves, or if and when they suffer an illness, whether it results in their incapacitation or not, the thieves circle the wagon like wolves looking for their next victim and financial fix! It’s like a junkie looking for his/her next “high” and all too often, that “high” becomes satisfied at the expense of those who only need the help from someone they trust would take care of them until they are able to recover. This should be the case, but sadly it isn’t. What actually happens to our parents, or aging loved ones that suffer an illness or event that leaves them unable to return to their daily routine, is a sinister plan to take them from independence to a life of “prison” in a nursing home or some other form of court appointed facility that only results in a diminished quality of life and further woes.

So how does one end up in the Probate court systems? The investigation will continue by uncovering the journey of the nightmare for countless families across the nation. Part two of Silver Lining will explore this process and why it continues to flourish across America!

Adrian Wright is an independent investigative and forensic journalist in Chicago, Illinois

To contact or contribute to the Report, contact her at [email protected]

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