• May 20, 2024

Smoke From Canadian Fires Leads to Speculation in U.S. as Air Quality Plummets Ahead of Independence Day Weekend

 Smoke From Canadian Fires Leads to Speculation in U.S. as Air Quality Plummets Ahead of Independence Day Weekend

Massive smoke plumes caused by Canadian wildfires – image via Twitter @Pierre_Markuse

Toxic smoke from Canadian wildfires is spreading across America, raising questions about how they started as well as what the United States Government intends to do about it.

ccording to CNN, more than 120 million Americans are currently suffering as air quality continues to plummet across the nation.

CNN further reports, “Canada has officially marked its worst wildfire season on record, with smoke from the blazes crossing the Atlantic Ocean and reaching western Europe on Monday.”

Millions of acres have already burned, leading to what Forbes describes as “a relentless summer of smoke that won’t end anytime soon.”

Although wildfire smoke commonly includes chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde, residents of the Eastern United States are relatively unaccustomed to the realities of what is more commonly understood in the West.

Well, Jen, we’re used to smoky skies over Montana every summer, and we usually don’t have to get help from Canada to get that smoke, either. When July 4 hits, so does wildfire/forest fire season starts under our Big Sky. You can set your watch by it.

— Lee Vernoy (@GFTrib_LVernoy) June 7, 2023

Numerous Americans took to citizen journalism on social media — documenting air toxicity in attempts to ascertain what the hell is going on.


— Dr. Jay (@ChatProLegend76) June 29, 2023

In the aftermath of the East Palestine Disaster and so many other recent occurrences, the U.S. Government’s track record of transparency is trash.

Many remain confused with what they perceive as inadequate explanation.

“In the Last Days there will be scoffers…”

It always read differently for me (and I’d guess most Bible readers/students/teachers) until recently.

Now the smoke coming south out of Canada has some nefarious explanation other than simply unprecedented Canadian wildfires . pic.twitter.com/SD4gBrj7Xa

— Dan Slava Ukraini Pembic (@DPembic) June 30, 2023

Radio Host Lou Dobbs and others demand action from the federal government and ask how the

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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