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SNL Star Mocks Americans As ‘Babies’ For Protesting Business Destroying Lockdowns (VIDEO)

 SNL Star Mocks Americans As ‘Babies’ For Protesting Business Destroying Lockdowns (VIDEO)

The coronavirus business lockdowns are destroying people’s jobs and lives. In New York City, a bar on Staten Island has become a focus of national attention because the owners have defied the lockdown rules.

Hundreds of people have come out to support the bar and protest the rules.

Saturday Night Live, which used to be a comedy show, mocked these people for daring to object to the destruction of their lives.

And SNL did this in front of a studio audience. How did they have live people there? They got around coronavirus lockdowns by paying the members of their audience to be there.

It’s amazing that SNL thinks Americans losing their businesses and jobs is a subject for mockery.

The Federalist reported:

SNL’s Well-Paid Pete Davidson Chastises Devastated Restaurant Owners For Laughs

“Saturday Night Live” cast member and Staten Island native Pete Davidson used his paid position at NBC on Saturday to make fun of his hometown and lecture restaurant owners protesting the latest COVID restrictions threatening their livelihoods.

“The bar, shockingly, is in a neighborhood with the second-highest COVID infections in all of New York, so the rule is that they’re supposed to let people eat or drink outside, and the owner said no one wants to do that because they’ll go out of business,” Davidson said, before delivering several punchlines about his fellow Staten Islanders.

“So I take it you found these protests frustrating?” asked his co-star, Colin Jost.

“Yeah, man, they’re making us look like babies,” Davidson said, before advocating that everyone stay at home.

Watch the video:

Just amazing.

I can’t help but notice he said this at his job. https://t.co/mZ2FkHmRlX

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) December 6, 2020

Meanwhile every person who works on Broadway is out of luck until June 2021 even though, y’know, sitting in the audience at a show vs at SNL is the same thing. Guess they can’t pay $150 to each audience member.

— Karol Markowicz (@karol) October 11, 2020

Pete Davidson makes $315,000/year to say dumb jokes and call people who lost their businesses to lockdowns ‘babies’ on SNL https://t.co/xvTkKD1b7v

— Pardes Seleh (@PardesSeleh) December 6, 2020

Remember years ago when SNL was funny?

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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