• April 14, 2024

Something is wrong in America

 Something is wrong in America

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

by Frank D. Lovell


For most, it is obvious ‘something’ is wrong in America. We can spend forever going over the details of ‘something’ or just accept that we know ‘something’ isn’t right with the goal of changing it. I am aware of the details of ‘something’ which all add up to the need to change our govt, we have no choice.

Our govt has turned on us & lies to us at every chance despite the facts, & the longer it goes on the more endangered are our Liberties & well-being. We can no longer Trust them or rely on them for our Safety. Our Founders are begging us to utilize the protections & avenues they created for us to resolve a dangerous time as today in America. 

Just saw a poll, Trump beats Biden by 5%, Haley beats Biden by 10%. Now some may say the Haley odds are better, I say when you add a Trust factor, Trump is the only choice, I’ll take my chances with the underdog who had won before. I just can’t trust a Republican who just won the DC primary against Trump, that should say it all about who supports Halley. Beware, any % poll involving Halley includes Democrats & Independents not just Republicans, they are very misleading. 

I now better understand the drug traffic. I constantly hear about the Mexican drug cartels, they are prospering. However, how often do you hear of the Chinese Triad? They have been around since the 1800’s engaging in corrupt politics, drugs, human trafficking, & murder. This ‘group’ has been doing this for centuries & has perfected the art of crime, they are the best at it. They are a critical part of the Chinese govt, they do its bidding & in return are free to do what they want. The Mexican cartels work for the Triad & the Triad pay off the Chinese Communist Party. China wants to destroy America & the Triad only cares about $ they both get what they want & they are dangerous to America. At least two sheriffs have done something about it in LA & Maine, although the state allows it, as do many others. https://www.themainewire.com/2024/03/maine-sheriff-busts-trio-of-brooklynites-as-crackdown-on-triad-drug-trafficking-continues-maine-state-police-awol/

Not only do we have Chinese Bio Labs in America, along with Chinese police stations we now have Chinese massage spas & don’t forget the farmland land, etc. China has bought in America, or the existence of TikTok, the Chinese Communist Party is here to fulfill their long prophesied 100-year war to destroy America on their quest for World Domination. You may not believe this, but it has long been the goal of the Chinese Communist Party & now they have poured across our borders & no one knows who or where. The scary part is this fed govt knows about it & does nothing, not one word to the public, no investigations, no arrests by the fed govt.

For all the negative things I can say about Senator Mitch McConnell I have to admit he is responsible for the Supreme Court we have & that is critical, a 9-0 vote on a case is rare. They agree all Americans have the right to vote for the candidate of their choice & a state can’t interfere in that process, a huge win for America. America is in trouble & although a court can restrict attacks against her only her citizens can save her with the process of voting, the protection given us by our Founders.

Not only do we have the responsibility to vote, but we also have a responsibility to communicate with everyone we know about the dangers facing America. We are on the front line & if we choose to go about our lives & ignore what is happening, we go down the path of history & join the collapse of the Roman empire. That bright beacon of Freedom will be extinguished & the world will enter a very dark place leaving the world with the question, why didn’t Americans (along with the Romans) do something about it?

Our Founders spoke of the importance of citizens being active in their govt & the dangers of being inactive. They were not mere words but a prophecy facing America, we all have a duty to the country we live in, to ourselves & our neighbors. It is now time to stand up & do ‘something’. 

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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriots

Free State of Florida


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