• February 21, 2024

‘Sound of Freedom’ Unsurprisingly Snubbed at Oscars, Not a Single Nomination

 ‘Sound of Freedom’ Unsurprisingly Snubbed at Oscars, Not a Single Nomination

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Hollywood is a joke. When they’re not using their mouth pieces, like Jimmy Kimmel, to downplay the importance of the Epstein Island list — which would most likely implicate a fair amount of Hollywood heavyweights — the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences uses their power to completely ignore the biggest overachieving film of 2023 for the upcoming 96th Academy Awards, also known as “The Oscars.”

Maybe they don’t want to bring attention to another giant revenue stream that Hollywood perhaps has a hand in as well, child sex trafficking.

Angel Studios “Sound of Freedom” smashed the wildest expectations of even the most ardent supporter of the film by reportedly bringing in over $250 million worldwide on a budget of just $14.5 million.

And wouldn’t you know it — although it comes as no surprise to yours truly — the Academy didn’t dole out a single nomination for the film in any category.

While I wouldn’t expect “Sound of Freedom” to win Best Picture — I think that will go to director Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” — the little film that kept chugging along at the box office should have at least garnered one of the category’s 10 possible nominations.

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Instead, movies that a cinephile like myself has never even heard of procured some of the slots in the aforementioned category, including “Past Lives” and “Anatomy of a Fall.”

Movies such as “Barbie,” which most likely only received a nomination because of it’s box office success, were also included in the category. Although, box office success doesn’t guarantee nominations, as evidenced by the previously mentioned success of “Sound of Freedom.”

However, if the snubbery ended at best picture that would’ve been one thing. But, as noted earlier, “Sound of Freedom” didn’t garner a single nomination in ANY category.

Two other films that I would consider a crime that they weren’t nominated for practically anything were 2023’s “The Iron Claw,” which didn’t receive any noms, and “Godzilla: Minus One,” which saw only one nomination for Best Visual Effects. Such a nomination actually takes away from the brilliance of the film, and the nomination tells people that might not know about it that the visual effects are the primary drawing point to seeing the film.

Once again, the Academy dropped the ball on their categories, which isn’t surprising considering the Oscars have become nothing more than a virtue signaling political platform for low-information celebrities who have no idea about life outside their frequently creepy bubbles.

And just in case you’d like to see the trailers for movies I’d nominate for best films of 2023, check them out below (in alphabetical order and excluding “Oppenheimer,” which did get nominated):



“Godzilla: Minus One”


“Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant”


“The Iron Claw”


“John Wick: Chapter 4”


“Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre”


“Sound of Freedom”


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