• February 21, 2024

Sports Illustrated Clown Show Just Fired Their Entire Staff

 Sports Illustrated Clown Show Just Fired Their Entire Staff



Sooooo guys didn’t like Sports Illustrated’s WOKE winter swimsuit edition with fat transgender “chicks” in thong bikinis?

Sports Illustrated has gone down after a good run and a bad ending. They went from sports and bikini-clad beauties to hardcore left-wing politics. They forgot their mission and who their audience was.

They put 81-year-old Martha Stewart in for a bathing suit spread. She does look great for her age, but how many older men were buying this magazine? We can’t say. They gave the notorious BS artist Christine Blasey Ford the #MeToo Award, turning off a lot of sports-enthusiastic men. The mag that made its bones off beautiful young women in bikinis put women in burka bathing suits called burkinis.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit was also “paving the way for a more inclusive and empowering future for women.”  As a result, they want other companies to include a new advertising mandate for the privilege of placing expensive ads in their garbage publication.

Pay With Change was announced with a video reflecting on the publication’s history and highlighting new steps to creating a better future. The magazine’s editor-in-chief, MJ Day, shared the price of doing business with them.

“Pay with Change is our new advertising mandate. It only allows brands who are helping to drive gender equality forward to be featured in the print issue and across all of our platforms,” Day told Yahoo Life.

It wasn’t the first time that the brand had set a precedent for diversity and inclusion, as the pages of its magazine have included curvy women, have disabilities, are over 50, and are transgender in ways that the rest of the modeling industry has not.

In other words, they empower women by pretending men can be women. That, no doubt, includes encouraging transgenders to compete with women in sports, ruining sports.

That went over well.

They vigorously attacked a coach who prayed on the field because they were so inclusive and tolerant (and hypocritical?).

Remember when they published authors who didn’t exist? They saved a lot of money that way.


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