• May 18, 2024

Squad Warns of Violence If Anything Is Cut From the Budget

 Squad Warns of Violence If Anything Is Cut From the Budget

Hardcore leftists Democrat Pramila Jayapal and AOC warn that there will be violence if there are any spending cuts—the warnings amount to dog whistles to the violent Democrat army, Antifa.

The duo said that if there are ANY spending cuts, the Antifa communists will be in the streets. AOC and Jayapal would know since they are so tightly connected to them.

National Debt, 2017

True Story of Unsustainable Debt

Up until the end of April, the government revenue amounts to $2.69 trillion from US taxpayers, but it has spent $3.61 trillion. Currently, the national debt is 31.4 trillion dollars. In 2022, the federal government collected 4.90 trillion dollars. The federal government spent $6.27 trillion. That’s 1.3 trillion dollars added to the debt.

By 2031, Biden has increased the debt by over $6 trillion. Between 2024 and 2033, the interest alone will total $10.2 trillion due to Biden’s borrowing.

By 2033, the public debt will increase to $50.7 trillion thanks to Biden policies.

Biden lies and claims he cut the federal deficit by $1.7 trillion. Every left-wing factchecker agrees it’s a lie. He didn’t cut any spending. That is simply the reduction as some COVID money terms out. He’s including the COVID money as the base but the COVID money is gone.

Democrats will not cut anything. They must want the economy to crash and burn. They can’t be that stupid. It will crash. We aren’t bringing in enough revenue, and the interest will be more than we can pay. Foreign countries are looking for a way out of the USD and we are destroying our energy sector, a source of wealth.

The threats of violence are coming from Democrats who control Antifa and Black Lives Matter. That’s why they do nothing when they’re violent. Democrats are violent and they are using Stalinesque tactics.

When will Americans realize what is going on? Apparently, too late.

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