• May 24, 2024

Statue Of Famous Abolitionist Frederick Douglass Vandalized In New York

 Statue Of Famous Abolitionist Frederick Douglass Vandalized In New York

Is nothing sacred?

In Rochester, New York, over the weekend, vandals removed a statue of the famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass from its base.

The people who are committing these crimes don’t know the slightest thing about American history.

FOX News reports:

Frederick Douglass statue vandalized in New York park on anniversary of famous Fourth of July speech

A statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglass was ripped from its base in Rochester, N.Y., on the anniversary of one of his most famous speeches, which he delivered in that city in 1852.

The statue of Douglass was dismantled and taken on Sunday from Maplewood Park, a site along the Underground Railroad where Douglass and Harriet Tubman helped shuttle slaves to freedom.

The statue was found at the brink of the Genesee River gorge about 50 feet (15 meters) from its pedestal, police said.

In a statement provided to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, police said the statue, after it was removed, “had been placed over the fence to the gorge and was leaning against the fence.”

The statue was abandoned an estimated 50 feet away from where it had stood, according to the report. There was damage to the base and a finger.

What is wrong with these people?

A Frederick Douglas statue in Maplewood Park was removed from its base overnight. pic.twitter.com/J43hqxuHTT

— Atyia Collins (@Atyia_Collins) July 5, 2020

Statue of Frederick Douglass Torn Down in Rochester https://t.co/8iEBxSHm52 via @BreitbartNews. This shows that these anarchists have no bounds!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 6, 2020

Disgusting! We should all realize this movement is about promoting Marxism not stopping racism. They’re not going to stop folks.

Frederick Douglass statue vandalized on anniversary of July 4 speech https://t.co/HVSnrGNAoo

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) July 6, 2020

Frederick Douglass was committed to abolishing slavery and advocated for women’s rights.

President Lincoln said of him, “There is no man in the country whose opinion I value more.”@realDonaldTrump condemned the mob who disgraced his statue.

Joe Biden’s silence speaks volumes.

— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) July 6, 2020

These leftists don’t know how to do anything but destroy.


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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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