• June 16, 2024

Study: You Have a Lower Risk of COVID-19 If You Don’t Get Boosters

 Study: You Have a Lower Risk of COVID-19 If You Don’t Get Boosters

A vaccine against the coronavirus that doesn’t work.

A new study, not yet peer-reviewed, showed that adults “not up-to-date” with boosters have a lower risk of COVID-19 than those “up-to-date” on COVID-19 vaccination. A previous Cleveland Clinic study showed the same thing.

Summary: The authors wrote that among 48,344 working-aged Cleveland clinic employees, those notup-to-date on COVID-19 vaccination had a lower risk of COVID-19 than those up-to-date.

The current CDC definition provides a meaningless classification of risk of COVID-19 in the adult population.

This study was done when XBB variants were the dominant strains. It’s a stunning study.

The results: COVID-19 occurred in 1475 or 3% of 48,344 employees during the 100-day study period. The cumulative Incidence of COVID-19 was lower in the not-up-to-date than in the up-to-date state.

On multivariable analysis, not being up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccination is associated with a lower risk of COVID-19.

Results were very similar when those 65 years and older were only considered up-to-date after receiving two doses of the bivalent vaccine.

Check out the graph that shows the instances of COVID-19 up-to-date and not-up-to-date groups. The up-to-date is the blue, and the not up-to-date is red. The timeline starts on day zero, January 29, 2023.

Comparison Graph of up-to-date and not up-to-date on vaccination.

The CDC is still pushing the boosters.

The study conclusion: Since the XBB lineages became dominant, adults not-up-to-date by the CDC definition have a lower risk of COVID-19 than those up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccination, bringing into question the value of this risk classification definition.

In other words, as Dr. Panda says, getting boosted isn’t good for your health.


This amazing man stuck to principle, and it’s better for his health.



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