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Frank Lovell Author for Conservative Choice Campaign

Sweet Florida

I know how Florida is, we live here, and thank God the path life led us was to Florida at this time in our life, we believe there is a purpose. I cannot add anything to the video except, it’s not just about Florida, initially I thought I was writing to post in the Florida email list, then realized this is about America.


In large part, America as we knew it has left us & federal govt leadership has caused us great harm through lies & lack of accurate info. Through harmful policies, rules & regulations, by ignoring laws & rules at our border, by eliminating our energy independence which not only places us in harm but our allies as well. By reminding us of our military withdrawal from Vietnam as they withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving Americans behind, in enemy territory. By indoctrinating our children. By attacking those Americans who stand up & ask questions or express their opinions on what their govt is doing to America & I could go on to infinity, but you get the point.


Florida is simply saying they choose to live Free & we have the leadership which protects & pursues that objective. You see other states pursuing the same objective, which is critical however, I do have a prejudice toward Florida, even though some states have some great governors, I cannot compare them to Ron DeSantis a governor not hesitant to take the offensive when confronted with lies, incompetence or threats to Freedoms, a governor who tells Floridians the truth & the reasons for his actions. A governor who is under attack by the left because he dares to protect our freedoms.


Florida is simply living under American principles, which the federal govt can’t accept & support, all states need to see that video & tell their governors they want “Sweet Florida,” across the nation, they want to live under those American. I know we need to reach people, some people just because they love what it stands for & need a moral uplift. Other people because, they just don’t know, for whatever reasons they fail to see a threat to America, just maybe this video needs to reach them, just to get them thinking.

Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot Free State of Florida

Please watch this video & send it to everyone.




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