• January 21, 2022

We May Have Left Afghanistan, Mr. President, But We Are

by Pete Hoekstra Investigative Project on Terrorism September 23, 2021 This article originally was published by the Gatestone Institute. I never liked that term, “war on terror.” Terrorism is a tactic; it is not the enemy we fought every day. The term has done more to confuse us than enlighten us. [O]ne can see why the phrase […]Read More

“You Got Child Pornography on that Hard Drive – The

The mainstream media, tech giants, and ideological DC elites ran interference for Joe Biden and openly lied about Hunter Biden’s crimes during the 2020 election. Earlier this week Politico reported what we all already knew — the Hunter Biden laptop including its content of porn, drug use, child pornography, and major financial corruption was real […]Read More

US Media Goes FULL Pravda: NOT ONE SINGLE Mainstream Outlet

Earlier this week video was released of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden naked with a hooker complaining about Russians stealing his laptop for blackmail purposes. Hunter Biden filmed the whole thing and kept the video on his laptop that he later abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware. This is a national scandal like […]Read More

Law Professor: ‘It Is Clear That Hunter Biden Was Selling

Every time you turn around, you hear a new story about Hunter Biden grifting some other country for cash based on his father’s name. You’d never know it from the liberal media, but Hunter Biden seems to have been selling access to his father and other power-players in Washington. The Daily Mail provides this report: […]Read More