BIG NEWS: Corey Lewandowski Breaks Down Latest Trump Internal Polling

Former Trump Campaign Chairman Corey Lewandowski joined Sean Hannity on Friday night to discuss the latest state of the race. According to Lewandowski President Trump’s internal polls and Real Clear Politics are better today than in 2016. The Trump Campaign is very confident. Corey rattled off a number of swing states where President Trump is […]Read More

GOING VIRAL: Black Woman Behind Trump Gives Him a Thumbs

Committed leftist Savannah Guthrie went after President Trump with guns blazing tonight at his town hall and debate the moderator event on ABC. Of course, they treated Joe Biden like fine china when he came on for their town hall. Savannah Guthrie was hostile and ambushed Trump on Thursday night but it didn’t work. President […]Read More

EPIC! President Trump Dances to “YMCA” After Massive Rally in

President Trump held a MAGA rally Tuesday evening in Johnstown, Pennsylvania at the John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria Airport. TGP’s founder and EIC Jim Hoft and TGP contributor Joe Hoft were both at the PA rally tonight! The house was packed! I don’t think this many Joe Biden supporters exist in the whole country! — Abigail […]Read More

Trump Nominated for His 4th Nobel Peace Prize — This

President Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in early September. It should have happened years ago. A member of the Norwegian Parliament, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize after Trump successfully accomplished a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Shortly after that President Trump was […]Read More

President Trump ROASTS China Joe at Sanford, FL Rally (VIDEO)

President Trump UNLOADED on Joe Biden at his first rally back since his coronavirus diagnosis and recovery. During the massive rally before THOUSANDS in Sanford, Florida President Trumptook apart the faltering Democrat. President Donald Trump: Joe Biden, not a nice guy by the way, not a nice guy. He had a very bad day today, […]Read More

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