• February 24, 2024

China Is “Now Moving Out Apparently to Begin the Process

On Saturday morning Steve Bannon held a discussion on the situation with China and Taiwan and China’s efforts to rule the world.  Frank Gaffney was one of the War Room’s guests to warn about China’s recent actions.  Earlier this week Gaffney warned about how the US under Biden is taking actions to support China while […]Read More

America First Senate Candidate Jake Bequette Won’t Back Down –

As Cassandra Fairbanks reported earlier this week — Arkansas Senate candidate Jake Bequette’s name was printed incorrectly on thousands of ballots in the state.  And state election officials are refusing to correct it. The ballots in several counties say “Jack Bequette” instead of “Jake Bequette.” Bequette has now released audio of his campaign calling election […]Read More