QAnon Webmaster Doxxed This Week Was First Identified By The

n individual connected to the QAnon movement was reportedly outed and then confronted this past week.  However, this same individual was identified by The Gateway Pundit contributor Yaacov Apelbaum three or more months ago. Yesterday we reported that an individual was doxxed because of his alleged activities involved with the QAnon movement. The QAnon Movement […]Read More

White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow Shares a Personal Story

Larry Kudlow gave an emotional speech this week about the hopelessness of his addiction to alcohol and drugs and his recovery coming from God’s grace. FOX News reported: White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow delivered emotional personal remarks about his experience with addiction at a drug recovery event organized by first lady Melania Trump. Kudlow […]Read More

“I’m Not Going to Be Silenced!” – Houston Doctor Stella

Dr. Stella Immanuel M.D. from Houston is a courageous woman in an insane world. Earlier this week Dr. Immanuel joined several other front line doctors in Washington DC at the “White Coat Summit” to announce the amazing success they were having treating coronavirus patients on the front line using hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Stella Immanuel bravely came out […]Read More

Mike Pence Delivers Amazing Speech At ‘Cops For Trump’ Event

Vice President Mike Pence attended an outdoor campaign event in Pennsylvania this week called ‘Cops for Trump’ and delivered a great speech on President Trump’s behalf. Trump and Pence were recently endorsed by the largest police organization in the country. It makes perfect sense, given the Democrats’ insane embrace of the far left’s idea to […]Read More

Far Left Protester Recording BLM/Antifa Mayhem in Portland Gets Shot

A far left protester recording Black Lives Matter/Antifa mayhem in Portland this week got shot in the hand during a live stream. She received treatment from “street medics.” WATCH (graphic): A protester recording a violent antifa/BLM protest in Portland this week got shot in the hand during a live stream. She received treatment from “street […]Read More

Angry Antifa Girl Arrested in Seattle After Lighting 5 Seattle

Antifa arsonist caught in Seattle Antifa member Margaret Aislinn Channon went missing in Presidio, Texas last year. Antifa member Margaret Aislinn Channon faces federal arson charges. She was reported missing in Texas last year. — Patriot Betty (@Patriot_Betty) June 12, 2020 Well, they found her this week! Margaret Aislinn Channon was arrested in Seattle […]Read More

Mike Lindell Donates MyPillows to National Guard Members Sleeping on

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell announced this week he was donating pillows to Minnesota National Guard members who are sleeping on the floor as they protect Minneapolis from violent protesters and looters this week. Western Journal reported: Mike Lindell, the outspoken CEO of Minnesota-based MyPillow, is back in the news after a donation of his wares […]Read More

GOING VIRAL: Candace Owens Posts Video, “I DO NOT support

  Popular conservative went on Facebook this week to record an 18 minute video on George Floyd, the Minnesota man who was killed by police last week. Since his death Leftists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter have looted and burned hundreds of stores, businesses and government buildings. Candace loves her country and she is against […]Read More

White House Adviser Says They Will Shoot Down Democrat Relief

The White House will not be approving a coronavirus stimulus package that gives checks to illegal aliens, no matter how hard the Democrats want to. Speaking to ABC’s This Week, White House adviser Peter Navarro said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “lost” him with her plan to give cash assistance to illegal aliens and provide […]Read More

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