• April 20, 2024

TAKE ACTION: Steps to Secure Financial Freedom

 TAKE ACTION: Steps to Secure Financial Freedom

By The Sharp Edge

From the looming financial crisis to the threat of global war, not to mention the potential release of ‘Disease X,’ or the weaponization of governments against the people as we head into elections… this year has promised to be a wild ride.

The relentless attacks on our sovereignty are coming from every angle, making it easy for the public to get divided, disoriented, and distracted. However, this is not the time to deviate from our critical mission. It is precisely the time to focus on the central planners’ end game, which is totalitarian control of the people through a ‘Great Reset’ of the financial system.

We the people have the power to cripple their tyrannical agenda by taking four simple steps in our daily lives: educating ourselves and others, engaging with lawmakers and leaders, investing in financial freedoms, and building on successes. This report will outline these four steps to empower the public to take action against the globalists’ schemes.

Step 1: Educate Ourselves & Others

The first step to fighting for financial freedom must be to educate ourselves and others about the central planners’ agenda for total control through a new global financial system. It’s important that we share this critical information with as many people as possible. Here are some excellent resources to gain background knowledge about the threat we are facing.

The Threat of Financial Transaction Control – the Solari Report

BIS Blueprint = Global Control of ALL Assets, Information & People – Corey’sRead More

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