• May 18, 2024

Tech Turns on Bloomberg, suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts

 Tech Turns on Bloomberg, suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts

Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has been experimenting with novel tactics to cultivate an online following or at least the appearance of one.

But one of his strategies, deploying a large number of Twitter accounts to push out identical messages, has backfired. On Friday, Twitter began suspending 70 accounts posting pro-Bloomberg content in a pattern that violates company rules.

“We have taken enforcement action on a group of accounts for violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam,” a Twitter spokesman said. Some of the suspensions will be permanent, while in other cases, account owners will have to verify they have control of their accounts.

A few points here:

  1. We have seen this “repetitive message phenomenon” on many accounts at Twitter before, not sure why Twitter has picked on only Bloomberg. Apparently, Silicon Valley has a message to send to Bloomberg. Financial elites that are trying oust Jack Dorsey at Twitter isn’t coming fast enough.
  2. If in fact, the Twitter account holders are unique users concerning free speech, why do they get the ban? If Twitter, as they say, have yet to verify the account holders, is this not presuming guilt before the evidence is known?
  3. Bloomberg, or at least his tech advisors (or Bot developers), are lame. Anyone could have known that you can’t Tweet the same thing 70 times before Twitter would notice. Its called a database query silly.
Oh well, Mr. Bloomberg, welcome to the world of Twitter and free speech bot technology wars on the internet.
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