• February 24, 2024

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A Rationale View of the Coronavirus – the Virus and

by Liam SalvatoreMarch 17, 2020 Accompanying the outbreak of Coronavirus is another disease that has pulled back its veil for all to see. This secondary condition is not a virus in the traditional sense, but its spread is rampant and even more aggressive than Coronavirus itself. The symptoms of this Corona offshoot are irrational fear, anger […]Read More

Amy Klobuchar cuts a Stealth Deal to be on the

The day Senator Amy Klobuchar stood at the podium, in a raging snow blizzard, to announce she was throwing her hat in the ring for president in 2020, she was campaigning for a position on the Democrat ticket. The Vice President spot! Klobuchar suspended her campaign hours before Super Tuesday. The DNC needs to win […]Read More

Tech Turns on Bloomberg, suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts

Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has been experimenting with novel tactics to cultivate an online following or at least the appearance of one. But one of his strategies, deploying a large number of Twitter accounts to push out identical messages, has backfired. On Friday, Twitter began suspending 70 accounts posting pro-Bloomberg content in a pattern that violates […]Read More

The Great Culling, pre-Super Tuesday Analysis 2020

The media is telling us that Biden is surging in the Democratic primaries? Really? The ginned-up media hype of Biden surging is just that – media hype. So what is the insider game being played here? Much of the media hype for Biden is coming off his recent primary win in South Carolina. Looking at […]Read More