• February 28, 2024

Tennessee National Guard Changes Memo Request for Religious Exemptions to Require Consent for Involuntarily Vaccination

 Tennessee National Guard Changes Memo Request for Religious Exemptions to Require Consent for Involuntarily Vaccination

Guest post by Concern Citizen

Members of the Tennessee National Guard who have submitted requests for religious exemptions from the experimental COVID vaccinations received notification this week of a new requirement forcing them to acknowledge that the Army can bypass any requirement for consent, and involuntarily vaccinate them.

“I have served in the Tennessee National Guard for over 10 years. I strongly object to the currently available COVID-19 vaccinations and submitted my packet requesting a Religious Exemption last year. Since then, they have forced me to change my request memorandum three times,” said a current member.

The memorandum is supposed to be the Soldier’s own words describing why receiving the vaccine conflicts with his sincerely held religious beliefs. However, per the newly released guidance, the following verbiage must now be added to the request memo:

I understand immunizations required by AR 40-562 or other legal directives may be given involuntarily (except with an approved religious accommodation for an exemption). I also understand that when the Adjutant General or a delegated representative determines that conditions of imminent threat exist; I may be involuntarily immunized per AR 600-20, paragraph 5-4.

Of course, there is no definition of “imminent threat” and given the current lawless leadership, anything could be determined to be an imminent threat (like Russia invading Ukraine or a “deadly pandemic” that 99.8% of people recover from).

“It seems to me that this is a way for them to gain our consent to be strapped down and injected against our will. The statement that they can involuntarily immunize me even if I am granted a religious accommodation is extremely disturbing,” stated the Guardsman.

Since Lloyd Austin published the guidance in August mandating that all military service members be vaccinated, the vast majority of the force has accepted vaccination. Those with religious objections must go through a process of interviews and documentation, explaining their reasons for not wanting to take the vaccine. Most of those objections center around the use of fetal cells from aborted children, or the genetic modifications inherent in mRNA vaccines.

It is not clear at this time what command level is requiring the added verbiage (Department of the Army, National Guard Bureau, or the Tennessee state command).

Have we really gone from Joe Biden promising the vaccines would never be mandatory to potentially forcibly injecting our military in only a few months?

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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