• May 18, 2024

Terrible legacy of Obama administration

 Terrible legacy of Obama administration


Someone has asked me recently, what was my opinion about the divide in our country. I had to think about it for a while and following is my conclusion.

We are not divided because we have because we believe different things. We are not divided because of a difference of the color of our skin, where we come from, or where we are presently.

We are divided because the fundamental principles of this country were attacked and nearly destroyed by Obama administration.

I am not concerned with my opponent’s societal status, wealth, religious beliefs or education. What they identify as or chose to live as.

What I will not stand for is trans person dancing half naked in front of a child.

A thug attacking someone because they have different political views.

New born child being murdered in the name of freedom. Freedom of what? To murder? That’s neither the right, nor freedom.

I will not stand for my child to be taught at school that any skin color is bad.

I will not stand for my child to be taught that the country, that became a home to millions of freedom seeking people from all over the world, is racist or based on wrong principles.

I hope you carefully read all of the above dear reader. Now understand all those things that I will not stand for were created and implemented by the Obama administration.

This is why we are divided. Not because of someone said something, not because of someone’s tweet or a letter or a speech.

We are divided because we were complacent, while one of the worst administrations this country ever had, was executing it’s evil plan unchecked.

We are divided because Obama’s policies were directed to destroy the very fabric of our society, our principles and beliefs.

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