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The Afghanistan Debacle – Who is Responsible?

 The Afghanistan Debacle – Who is Responsible?

Opinion by Sheila G
August 19, 2021

The Afghanistan debacle was the light that shone on the sorry state of America. Some people deserve a dishonorable mention.

I decided to name them.

These are the people who brought shame and harm to America not one time, not two times, but daily.

Joe Biden.

Anymore, I just can’t be angry with him. This man is in great mental decline. His wife should be ashamed for allowing him to be used. The anger that I have is directed to his handlers. They are unskilled and it shows. They have never run a business and it shows. They know nothing about socialism and communism. They want to establish a Utopian society that will never be. Of course, we all know that Obama is calling the shots. Again, Obama is a great orator, self-absorbed pimp, who came into office with an average income and left office a multi-millionaire. He knows nothing about running a business. He knows nothing about finance. And, he has proven himself to be dirty!

Heels up ho, Kamala Harris, who might be dumber than AOC deserves a special mention. If she is not the dumbest, she is a close second. There are many reports that she was pressured to make a statement in the absence of Joe. The reports state that she said, “there is no way I’m going to get blamed for this shxt! I think this makes her a loner. She is not a team player. She decided to not play. In my opinion, she is a coward.

Next, we have the dumbest communist in America @SecBlinken – the ugly, the dumb, and the bad. He, along with a few other key players should have had the foresight to see the Taliban coming to town. He is lacking critical thinking skills. Period.

Secretary of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas gets the deaf, dumb, and evil tag.

“Mayorkas tells border agents the U.S. is ‘going to lose”. Mayorkas orders the border patrol to keep the border open, sends illegals with covid on military planes to various US cities. But the science says, it is the unvaccinated creating the increase in covid cases. Bwahahaha!

“Mayorkas tells TSA to add conservative journalists to no-fly list, pulls TSA Precheck for them, harasses them at boarding by again searching them, requiring TSA to escort them to/from the restroom. Yes, he is a not so fine and upstanding man.

Director of the CIA, William Burns seems to have forgotten his role

“The role of the Director of the CIA (D/CIA) is to manage the corrupt agency in intelligence collection, analysis, covert action, counterintelligence, &liaison relationships with foreign services. He also oversees the management of foreign intelligence.”

It’s obvious he missed and contributed to this big blunder. They were probably too tied up assisting the nation’s highest and most corrupt law enforcement in running the protection racket for the widening circle of corrupt politicians and appointees.

Communist Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin is a racist who hates us white folk, he is mean and a deceiver. This is the man who is forcing CRT upon our military, the man who wants to weed out conservative troops under the guise of extremism, the man who is forcing the vaccine upon our military. He is forcing an untested vaccine, issued under an EUA by corrupt @NIH @CDCgov @CDCDirector and elf Dr. Fauxi.

We have the Joint Staff who betrays Presidents, who refused to help the people in Portland, who has left our drones and black hawks in Afghanistan to be sold to the highest bidder (China & Russia), who fired a LT. Col for denouncing Marxism, who relieved a Navy Commander from his ship because his calls for help when his ship became infected with covid went unheeded. Then today we listen to Milley state the military has been training Afghans for twenty yrs to be responsible for their own safety and security.

? Hmm – that is the equivalent of going from Kindergarten to med school and graduating as a doctor. That kind of nonsensical rhetoric doesn’t bode well with me. The fact is Milley, the assignment was a failure. Your twenty-year training session did not train anyone to stand up to the enemy. They dropped their arms and ran. That assessment is approximately 15 yrs too late. Then he said they didn’t know if it would take 3 days, 3 weeks, or months before the Taliban took over. At least he acknowledges they expected it to happen. But there is something that is bothering me. If I were in his shoes, I would have become very concerned when the first 1/3 of Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, and I sure as hell would have been doing something about it.


However, I think that was a lie. I think the Joint Chiefs didn’t like pulling out & they set sleeping Joe up. They would have done the same if Trump were President. The Joint Chiefs are lean, mean war machines. War produces a lot of money and puts a lot of money in the pockets of many. Like Viet Nam, the war in Afghanistan was never meant to be won. That was not the goal- money production was the goal.

Did you know that most of our Generals, the State Department, the War College, the Army, the Navy, and Marines donate huge amounts of taxpayer money to the corrupt AtlanticCouncil? This nefarious group is an American globalist think tank. In 2015 they had very very few members. After 2016 it grew a hundredfold. They now have many donors; Perkins-Coie, Burisma, George Soros, and Victor Pinchuk – the corrupt Ukrainian businessman that was funneling money to Burisma, and many world leaders. This is the group helping Klaus Schwab with the global reset. I haven’t looked to see if Dominion and Smartmatic are donors. ? hmmm

These are the people who created the stain on America. A stain so woven into our country that no amount of scrubbing will remove. There is no excuse for what happened and is happening in Afghanistan. Kabul has more in common with Viet Nam than evacuating people from embassy rooftops via helos. Like the Khmer Rouge in Phnom Phen, the Taliban came into town and disarmed the citizens telling them they didn’t need their weapons anymore because they were there to protect them. The Khmer Rouge marched the citizens to the infamous Killing Fields and slaughtered them. Like them, the Taliban has some Christian groups scheduled for execution tomorrow. They will be beheaded. Just like we abandoned the people of Viet Nam to certain death, torture and much worse, we are doing the same with the people of Afghanistan.

The loss of American lives in wars we enter without the goal of winning is tragic, egregious. It spits on our ideology and is a complete disregard for human life. I hold our frontline troops in high esteem. I hold their leaders in contempt.

The right thing to do is to send those troops back in to annihilate our shared enemy, decimate them, shoot to kill, and take no prisoners. And put China and Russia on notice – touch our equipment and the wrath of America will descend upon you. There is no negotiating with terrorists. Their word is no good. Anyone who believes that we should negotiate with terrorists in good faith is a complete fool.

That of course is contingent upon if the wrath of Americans is or isn’t descending upon these incompetent and feckless leaders. These incompetent leaders cannot even judge the precipice of Americans accurately. These leaders humiliated America on the world stage. At one time, I really thought Milley was a true blue soldier. Not anymore. His actions (or his lack of actions) defines who he is.

Ps Joe – go ahead and attempt to bring lawsuits against our governors. Go ahead and attempt to threaten our state’s sovereignty. You can add to your already written legacy of perv, selling your soul to China and the highest bidder for whatever reason, supporting the KKK while you were in Congress. Now you can add converted to Communism, a supporter of and administrator for American and Afghan genocide, failed Afghanistan policy, failed border policy, failed failed failed. Yes, Joe – American genocide. Your vaccines are a failure and they are injuring and murdering people. Yes, Joe – those darn Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and Isis thugs can come right through the southern border unimpeded and take out vast numbers of Americans.

Joe, you are like an old Hoover vacuum. You just keep on sucking.

For those businesses and colleges that are mandating vaccination for employees, customers, and students, you may want to rethink your position. Why? Well, I highly doubt that the Antifa thugs are going to get vaccinated. They can’t afford the downtime that a covid breakthrough may impose upon them. When they get hungry, need to travel, or desire to come on campus and you shoo them away, they might just decide to torch, loot and destroy your property. They just might decide to beat the crap out of you.

America it is time to stand up!

You can find me here

https://linktr.ee/thesheilag2020  or email me direct [email protected]

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