• May 24, 2024

The Biden Regime Covered Up a Major Assault at Kabul Airport


Why keep lying?

The Biden administration recently released a report clearing itself of any negligence in the Kabul airport terrorist attack that killed 13 service members during Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

The report claimed that all personnel who contradicted the official story were confused and didn’t know what they were talking about.

Instead of shutting down questions, the report opened up some much bigger ones.

Video captured by a Marine’s GoPro camera that has not been seen publicly in full before shows there was far more gunfire than the Pentagon has ever admitted. A dozen US military personnel, who were on the scene and spoke to CNN anonymously for fear of reprisals, have described the gunfire in detail. One told CNN he heard the first large burst of shooting come from where US Marines were standing, near the blast site. “It wasn’t onesies and twosies,” the Marine said. “It was a mass volume of gunfire.”

An Afghan doctor who spoke to CNN on the record for the first time said he personally pulled bullets from the wounded, and with his hospital staff counted dozens of Afghans who died from gunshot wounds.

The Biden position was that a suicide bomber had gotten in close. Why keep that lie going?

Because the alternative would be to admit that the Taliban deal was a disaster. The Biden administration had relied on “our Taliban partners” to screen, secure and provide access to the area around the airport.

One suicide bomber might be a mistake, but a heavily armed mass assault isn’t an error, it requires complicity. There’s no way that could have happened without the Taliban or rather the Haqqani Network, a part of the Taliban tied to Al Qaeda, knowing about it. And it also means that the Biden administration is directly responsible for making the decisions that allowed the attack to take place, not just by withdrawing the military and then beginning a withdrawal, not just by abandoning Bagram Air Base, which freed the suicide bomber, but the entire arrangement that turned over Kabul to the Taliban.

The Marine’s GoPro footage runs nearly continuously for many minutes before and after the blast. It shows 11 episodes of shooting after the explosion, over nearly four minutes. This is significantly more than the three “near simultaneous” bursts of gunfire that the Pentagon investigations have claimed occurred.

One sustained burst of about 17 gunshots comes just over 30 seconds after the bomb detonates, according to the video, with the other 10 bursts of two to three rounds each. At no point are Marines seen firing on camera or is anyone visibly hit by gunfire. It is unclear where the gunmen are or what they are firing at.

It shows Marines, some on their first deployment to a warzone, race for cover from gunfire, and choke from CS gas released when the blast tore open a canister on a Marine’s flak jacket.

The obvious answer is that the gunfire was coming from the Haqqani/Taliban crew.

But if the Biden people admitted that, they would have to respond, and their actual response is a cover-up. They tried to cover up the Chinese spy balloon. They tried to cover up Russian weapons in space. They tried to cover up Iran’s role in Oct 7.

Cover-ups come naturally to them.


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