• July 21, 2024

The Debate Clarity

 The Debate Clarity


Frank D. Lovell
American Patriots
Free State of Florida

Did we just witness one of those classic ring fights, like the Thriller in Manilla with Ali & Frasier, or any other classic battles in boxing history? The only difference is this was a battle of minds, wit & intelligence, emotional control & clarity of thought. The outcome is a clarity of the Truth, this debate clarified to Americans just what the problem is, how to fix it, & which candidate is capable, very simple. Exactly what did Biden clarify? Last night was an awakening for Democrats & many American voters, the choice for President is now beyond debate. If you are still a Biden supporter I am at a loss for words, I just cannot understand your logic. The only feasible solution is for the Dems to manipulate the election, the only solution against that is for every American to get out & vote, a massive vote will offset any manipulation. Now is the time for every American to stand up & fulfill their constitutional duty to vote & elect a govt that ensures the continuance of our Constitutional Republic. Keep in mind it’s not just about a President, you have a duty in your local elections to assure America First people are elected to office. I’m tired of rehashing all that is wrong with America, you have eyes, ears & the capacity to make logical decisions. You know America is in trouble & you know how to fix it, the time is now for a unified logical thought process using the tools our Founders gave us to elect a government of ‘WeThePeople,’ if you don’t, that will be a regret you will carry throughout your life. Stories on the Thinking Zone: https://fdlovell.wixsite.com/the-thinking-zone/home

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