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The Definition of Stupid

 The Definition of Stupid


August 18, 2021 

The Definition of Stupid


Dear Patriots,

It is well past time for all of us to stand up and say no.


There is an abundance of information, from all over the world, that the way the Covid-CCP is being handled is nothing short of stupid.  We all know the definition of stupid.


Again, we find ourselves living under threat of having our lives ripped out from under us with ever growing mandates and edicts by “elected ones” and leftist businesses.


Children are being forced to wear masks for most of their waking hours. Everyone is being forced into masks again, even outside.


People are being forced to get an unproven, dangerous and now ineffective jab.


In New York City, American citizens must produce government approved papers to get food.


In New Zealand, they have shut down the entire country over one case of Delta variant Covid-CCP. Yes, you read that correctly. One case.


These measures: masks, shutdowns and vaccines are being proven to NOT HAVE WORKED during the past year. In fact, there is more evidence daily that they are making everyone sicker and weaker.


Now, by demanding people get a “booster” vaccine, they are admitting that the jab that 60% of the country has already gotten DOES NOT work.


These failed tactics are repeated by the “the experts’ for reasons we can not understand.


We have the information and the data to wipe out this virus. It will NOT EVER happen with masks, shut downs and vaccines.  Those are simply tactics of fear, control, and destruction of the middle class.


But, it WOULD happen with the use of safe and inexpensive medicines that are widely available.


Not to mention the safe and non-toxic array of sprays that are ready for use but trapped in the endless web of government approval. These sprays have proven to kill viruses in the air and on surfaces for months at a time. Yes, it is true and I bet you have not even heard of this option.


It has been totally censored by Big Tech on all platforms. The companies that have invented, tested and produced this new technology have been forced to be silent as they pray the government will approve the use.


Today, we are offering you an array of information and we fervently ask you to watch, listen, and most of all, share with the people in your orbit.


We are as frustrated as you are. We know it is scary to speak out because the consequences are severe. But, more and more people are standing up and eventually, we will be safe in numbers.



1- If all you do today is listen to this earnest nurse lay out ALL the facts, and then share it, that will be a big win. If you post this on social media it will be censored and removed, so share it among your friends and family through email and messaging. Ask them to pass it on.

ICU Nurse: “You are being lied to about COVID”




2- The last thing we should be worried about with a third vaccine booster is inequities.



Biden risks global backlash on COVID-19 booster shots


QUOTE:  Global health advocates are pushing back on the Biden administration’s anticipated plans to start offering Americans a booster dose of coronavirus vaccine, arguing it will only deepen global inequalities.


Advocates argue that the evidence on boosters is not strong enough to justify wide-scale use and the U.S. needs to focus its attention on sending more doses abroad in order to stop the pandemic from worsening.



3- Citizens in San Diego have had enough. In an hours long meeting, person after person stood and told their elected ones why they were making mistakes. The speeches are very powerful. They say a lot in the short time afforded them. Watch a few of the speeches, it will fill you with hope and courage.



Community members give powerful speeches in opposition to San Diego County’s COVID-19 response



4- Dr. Joseph Mercola provides facts and data that indicates the the vaccines are not as good as your own natural immunity.

(Dr. Mercola)


CDC Caught Cooking the Books to Hide Vaccine Failure


QUOTE:  At first glance, it appears cases have dropped in tandem with the rollout of the COVID shots, however, a closer look reveals they’re using these two scandalous methods to manipulate the data and spin the story – and this is the real cause of the declining COVID-19 case rates.



5- The data shows that shutdowns caused cases to explode the last time.

(Sharyl Attkisson)


We shouldn’t have stayed home. Did health officials ever admit one of the biggest mistakes of the pandemic


QUOTE:  What many scientists feared at the beginning of the Covid-19 “stay-at-home” orders proved true. And President Trump was proved correct on this point– though few appeared to wish to credit him. Isolating at home was a major mistake and likely led to a greater explosion in Covid-19 cases.



That is all for today. But you have your assignment. Read and watch and share this information.


We also ask that you work to make yourselves as healthy as possible.


Here are some easy and non-medical ways to do that. We are NOT doctors but this is just common sense.

  • Get outside and into the sun every day. Do not use sunscreen, but don’t stay out until you burn. Just 10-15 minutes of the sun on your skin is the best way to increase Vitamin D in your body.
  • Take your children and grandchildren outside every day to get fresh air and play. Go for walks. Ride bikes. Play in the rain.
  • Take supplements: Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc
  • Eat well, with as much unprocessed food as possible.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep a night.


Your health is up to you, not the government!



Healthy people are harder to push around!

We need you healthy!

Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken



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