• May 20, 2024

The Enormous Growth of Government Agencies Under Biden

 The Enormous Growth of Government Agencies Under Biden

The Washington Times reports that Biden’s budget plan continues one of the fastest expansions of the federal bureaucracy in U.S. history.  They are adding about 75,000 more non-defense employees this year alone. That’s a 5% increase.

These are all union jobs.

“The Imperial City on the Potomac keeps growing larger and larger,” said Chris Edwards, editor of DownsizingGovernment.org and an expert at the libertarian Cato Institute.

According to the Washington Times, President Trump left office in 2021 with 2.183 million executive branch employees, excluding the U.S. Postal Service. Mr. Biden oversaw an increase of just a few thousand positions in 2022. He has since kicked things up by adding 88,400 employees in 2023 and asking for 81,700 more in 2024.

His spending plan needs the approval of Congress, but should it hold, it would mean the Treasury and Labor departments will have grown more than 20% over two years. Agriculture, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, and Veterans Affairs would have grown by 10% or more, says the Times.

All the departments have increased, but those are the worst. We know the IRS will have 87,000 new employees over ten years.

Despite the open borders and millions of anonymous people pouring through, the Department of Homeland Security only went up 2.8%.

Biden is the worst administrator in US history. He appears to be growing unaffordable union jobs and destroying the private sector. Every one of these expansions represents a loss of freedom. The government is too big. This is why we have unelected bureaucrats running government more than our elected representatives do.

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