• February 29, 2024

The expanding Biden Crime Family

 The expanding Biden Crime Family


December 13, 2023

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When we call them the Biden Crime Family, we really mean the FAMILY part! Many members have been involved in massive foreign influence peddling.

Read all about a Biden you may never heard of before.

Also today, we point out…

  • more fraud in Arizona ballots.
  • how mail-in ballots are dangerous.
  • what happens when the left won’t admit they are wrong.
  • what sounds like a plot from a Bond movie, but, it is real.
  • the wonderful story of Christmas bells.

1- Could there be a Biden more corrupt than Joe and Hunter? Well, yes, there could. This is excellent investigative reporting by Paul Sperry on Sara Biden. Please read the whole effort at the link.

Paul Sperry at Real Clear Investigations

Who Is Sara Biden? Joe’s In-Law Emerges as Central Figure in Foreign Cash Deals

QUOTE: Trouble has followed Sara Catherine Jones since she married into the Biden family almost three decades ago.

Not long after her 1995 wedding to Jim Biden, she took a job with one of his brother Joe’s Senate donors, who later accused her of “fraud” and “unjust enrichment,” according to court records reviewed by RealClearInvestigations. In the years since, she and her husband have been accused of reneging on debts and failing to pay their taxes, court and property records show. Like their nephew, first son Hunter Biden, they have reportedly sold the promise of access to their powerful relative to companies, several of which have gone bankrupt, some of which are tied to foreign countries hostile to the United States.

Now, Sara Jones Biden has emerged as a key figure in the mushrooming Biden foreign influence-peddling scandal.

GOP lawmakers seek to question the 64-year-old licensed attorney as part of their investigation of President Biden for possible impeachable offenses, including bribery. They are especially interested in subpoenaed bank records that include almost a quarter million dollars in checks Sara Biden wrote to her brother-in-law Joe, conspicuously marking them as “loan repayment.” Republicans want to ask her about the origin of those loans and whether checks “were funded by Biden influence-peddling schemes with China.”

Although Hunter and Jim Biden’s questionable business dealings – and their possible blessing from the president – are drawing increasing scrutiny, Sara Biden has drawn little attention until now. But court records and other documents show she has been a central player in the Biden family business for decades. They show how her and her husband’s desire for a lifestyle they could not quite afford has repeatedly led them to form relationships with shady figures and enterprises that often ended in lawsuits and even criminal investigations.

Looming over it all is Joe Biden. Documents recently obtained by government watchdog America First Legal, under a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal that Sara and Jim’s main business, the Lion Hall Group, shows up in more than 3,735 emails generated by the former Vice President Biden’s office. The sheer volume of communications concerning his brother and sister-in-law’s business appears to contradict Biden’s repeated claims over the years that he was never involved in, or even aware of, his family’s business dealings.

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