• April 19, 2024

The Left Must Stop Being Offended by Everything

 The Left Must Stop Being Offended by Everything

Gen Z is an Contributor for Conservative Choice Campaign.com

There are many toxic aspects of American politics, and they are getting worse as the left won’t stop being offended by everything.

Our cancel culture is toxic and destroys our ability to have reasonable and respectful political discussions. Virtue signaling makes life at campuses and offices with outspoken lefties almost unbearable and has even infected corporate advertising and decision-making, which is utterly ridiculous. Remember the Bettsy Ross Nike shoe and how absurd that situation was? Then there’s political segregation and wealth segregation, as discussed in Coming Apart. And, of course, there are attempts to shut down free speech everywhere, but especially on college campuses.

But, perhaps worst of all is the outrage, “being offended” reaction liberals have to everything. Liberals must stop being offended by everything if American politics are to get any better. Constantly taking offense just means that people will get frustrated as it’s impossible to have a real conversation if each person you try to debate starts yelling when you say something that they happen to disagree with.

Being offended doesn’t make you right nor does it make you woke or any better of a person. It just makes you obviously more emotional and less of an adult than your peers. Faked outrage and victimhood is sad and immature, not noteworthy or impressive. Those that would pretend to be offended simply to get a step up on the competition are evil, manipulative, and need to be fought back against.

Crybabies on the left ask why conservative business leaders and professionals won’t treat them like adults. There are many reasons, such as the fact that they are socialists only because they don’t work and ignore the evil aspects of socialism. And their unwillingness to take real college majors or work hard to pay off their debt. But, at the root of it, I think older generations of Americans won’t take liberals seriously because those liberals need to stop being offended. They need to stop crying and freaking out about small things. Or, in other words, they need to be mature adults.

You can’t get a job if you are constantly screaming about taking offense. You can’t have a healthy relationship if you are constantly screaming about taking offense. Being a mature adult means learning how to control your emotions. The leftists that hate America and use their supposed “offense” to gain an advantage over a political opponent either can’t or don’t want to control their emotions. That needs to change. We conservatives need to start pushing back and refusing to accept “I’m offended” as a way out of an argument.

As Ben Shapiro says, “facts don’t care about your feelings.” To properly debate or forge correct policies, people need to be able to leave their feelings behind and act and think rationally. They need to stop being offended by everything and start being adults. The left needs to grow up. Perhaps then they’d also start supporting realistic and mature political ideologies instead of childish ones such as “democratic socialism.” Mature adults that can control their emotions don’t support radical, death-dealing ideologies that have killed millions. Crybaby leftists, upset that the “1%” have more money than they, on the other hand, do. They want to bleed the rich dry through these evil ideologies.

Just think about the issues the left won’t stop being offended about. If you question the efficacy of gun control or point out the truth about gun-related violence, they call you a child killer and get offended. Whenever conservatives point out the facts about illegal immigration, the left acts offended and refuses to debate us. Instead, they just call us racists or some other slur. And, obviously, they’re offended by anyone even supporting President Donald Trump, which is utterly ridiculous; he’s a democratically elected president.

Liberals need to stop being offended by everything and start making reasonable arguments if they disagree. Crying “racist” or “sexist” every time someone disagrees isn’t a reasonable response. We need to make sure the left knows that.

If we don’t then the pettiness exemplified in the stop being offended meme at the top of the page. The left has been getting away with avoiding arguments by acting offended all the time. We can change that. But only if we force the left to stop being offended by everything. Otherwise, nothing will ever change and our political culture will remain as toxic as ever.

Force the leftists to start making real arguments. Sure, that will be hard for them, as their political opinions are rooted in emotion rather than reason. But, forcing them to do so is the only way that we can start to push back in the culture war.

By: Gen Z Conservative, author of the blog www.genzconservative.com

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