• February 24, 2024

The Perfect Scheme of Corruption within the 8th District of New Jersey

 The Perfect Scheme of Corruption within the 8th District of New Jersey

by David Winkler

The Perfect Scheme of Corruption within the 8th District of New Jersey

My campaign is tired of our citizens falling prey to the corruption of State, County, & City politicians who seek to line their pockets off undocumented citizens. Our platform aims to eradicate corruption, fix the economy, put our citizens first while providing real pathways for citizenship. This plan requires the lifting of obstructive directives, audits, & holding perpetrators of corruption accountable.

In September of 2019, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal sent all Law Enforcement Chiefs Directive 2018-6 V2.0. This directive is the perfect scheme to subvert cooperation with federal law enforcement & enforcement of federal civil immigration law. The Attorney General stated

a. “that individuals are less likely to report a crime if they fear that the responding officer will turn them over to immigration authorities. This fear makes it more difficult for officers to solve crimes and bring suspects to justice, putting all New Jerseyans at risk.”
b. “New Jersey’s law enforcement officers protect the public by investigating state criminal offenses and enforcing state criminal laws. They are not responsible for enforcing civil immigration violations except in narrowly defined circumstances. Such responsibilities instead fall to the federal government and those operating under its authority.”
c. “Although state, county, and local law enforcement officers should assist federal immigration authorities when required to do so by law, they should also be mindful that providing assistance above and beyond those requirements threatens to blur the distinctions between state and federal actors and between federal immigration law and state criminal law. It also risks undermining the trust we have built with the public.”

The attorney General furthermore states that no state, county, or local law enforcement agency or official shall: Stop, question, arrest, search, or detain any individual based solely on actual or suspected citizenship or immigration status, actual or suspected violations of federal civil immigration law. Inquire about the immigration status of any individual, unless doing so is necessary to the ongoing investigation of an indictable offense by that individual relevant to the offense under investigation.

This Directive allows the local Politicians to line their pockets from corrupt corporate practices that go virtually untouched. The 8th District is a breeding ground of employers who hire undocumented citizens to subvert having to provide employment benefits, pay taxes, & keep immigrants under Democrat control. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 altered U.S. immigration law, making it illegal to knowingly hire illegal immigrants and establishing financial and other penalties for companies that employed illegal immigrants. Many construction & contracting businesses in my district are being driven out by undocumented citizens who refuse to get proper licensing/certifications, forging documents, & line the pockets of people in power. This is the perfect scheme of NJ State protections against enforcement, crying foul of racist intent for questioning, & now adding identification & insurance to persuade votes for positions of power.

Our Campaign is also aware of several other issues with H1-B Visas putting our citizens out of work, attempts to commit voter fraud with undocumented immigrants, & predatory real estate companies who pack several illegal immigrants into single family housing. We need your help next November to put a stop to corruption & restore New Jersey’s 8th District.

Join our cause at https://votedavidwinkler.com/

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