• February 29, 2024

The Prosecuted Right …..

 The Prosecuted Right …..

January 29, 2024

Dear Patriots,

As we watch the news of the various legal entanglements that President Trump is caught up in, we thought it important to remind you that there are many in similar situations.

We share today a commentary by Roger Stone about his life for the last five years.

Additionally, during this last week of January 2024, we discuss….

  • the flat-out craziness of the Climate Indoctrinated.
  • why you should not use the left’s mandated paper straws.
  • a new writer who know’s the scoop on Canada.
  • the dying corporate media.

1- An important piece by Roger Stone about the FBI SWAT raid of his home 5 years ago and the relentless lawfare against him since.

Read the entire terrifying story at the link.

Go to the LINK at Power Line to see the shocking chart.

Roger Stone writing at The Gateway Pundit

The FBI Stormed My Home and Arrested Me 5 Years Ago Today

QUOTE: It was exactly five years ago today, on January 25th, 2019, that 29 heavily-armed FBI agents in full SWAT gear and brandishing fully automatic M4 assault weapons surrounded my home to take me into custody for the entirely fabricated crime of lying under oath to Congress in my voluntary testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in their investigation into nonexistent “Russian collusion” with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

Thus would begin a two-year odyssey in which the media cabal, in league with federal prosecutors, would smear me as a “Russian intelligence asset,” insisting falsely and without an iota of proof that the Democratic National Committee had been the target of an online hack by Russian intelligence agents and that I had acted as a go-between for WikiLeaks and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In fact, Robert Mueller’s prosecutors would never produce any evidence at my Soviet-style show trial to substantiate any of these claims. Fighting their charges would bring us to the brink of bankruptcy. Causing us to lose our home, our savings, most of our insurance, along with my livelihood since the gag order imposed on me by Amy Berman Jackson, the judge in my case – similar to the gag now imposed by a DC judge on President Donald Trump – prevented me from writing or speaking about any subject.

I wish I could say that the hysterical attacks of those in the Democrat Party and their allies in the fake news media have subsided, but sadly that is not the case. Only ten days ago, Mediaite, among the most biased and disingenuous of left-wing media outlets, posted an entirely AI-generated audio that they claimed they had gotten from an anonymous source, in which they said that, four years ago, I had been recorded threatening to kill two Democrat members of Congress. Simple forensic analysis of the audio Mediaite posted using two different technologies prove, beyond a doubt, that this manipulated audio was fabricated with the purpose of smearing me yet again.

The other result of the two-year effort to destroy me and my family are the 11 remaining civil lawsuits filed against me and my wife by Soros-backed front organizations, left-wing gadflies, nutjobs, and other assorted Trump-hating lunatics. Despite the fact that these lawsuits are baseless, meritless, and groundless, they must still be defended against. It is similar to the lawfare President Donald Trump is being subjected to. The purpose is to drain our personal finances and drag my name through the mud once again.

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