• February 21, 2024

The Race is On ….

 The Race is On ….

January 17, 2024

Dear Patriots,

AND, we are off and running! The saga of the 2024 presidential election kicked off Monday in Iowa.

We can not imagine the crazy events that are going to happen in the next eleven months.

However, we are glad to be living through these times with all of you. Together we will pray for our country, seek out the truth and share with others.

On the first Wednesday of the official election year we share with you…

  • an in-depth series by John Droz on elections.
  • video proof that the Deep State lied about events on January 6.
  • how the lawfare against Trump is going.
  • why you won’t be able to vote in a Zuckerberg van in Wisconsin.
  • the cold reality of electric cars.


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1- In the second part of his series on elections, John Droz explains a little known factor in ballot counting and reporting.

Did you know that there were four million negative votes in the 2020 presidential election … with no accounting for them/?

John Droz  at Critically Thinking on Substack

The Rhyme and Reason of Negative Ballots?

NOTE: {This is the second installment of a five part series on the upcoming 2024 US elections. See Part 1 (what characteristics are needed for a winning President). Part 3 will be about 2020 election lawsuits. Part 4 will discuss whether or not electronic voting machines should be kept, and Part 5 will assess whether the 2020 election was mostly honest or dishonest.}

Those who dig into the election voting process will eventually come across the name: Edison Research. Who are they? Essentially what they do is act as a third-party, vote-reporting firm. Basically, they get ballot results from each state, and then pass these on to media sources like the NY Times, TV networks, etc.

Why are they in the loop? Consider the situation from the media’s perspective. On election night (etc.) to get Presidential election results (for example), they would have to be in almost constant contact with 50 states. Conversely, each of the election departments of 50 states would have to be in contact with numerous major media players. That would be a logistical nightmare, to say the least.

Edison steps in to be the middle man person to solve this problem. Now the NY Times, Fox, etc. get the election data for the entire country from just one source: Edison.

Fine, but what (if any) role does Edison play in any ballot shenanigans?

One very suspicious matter is that some of these ballot tally line items are a negative number! For example, Edison might have reported at 11:30 PM on November 3rd, 2020, that there were -21,555 votes for Trump, in Nevada.

How can the number of new ballots at a certain time, from a state, for a specific candidate, be negative? Remember that this is not Edison’s number, but is rather what some particular state submitted to them for that time period and candidate. In other words, it is not likely that Edison has anything to do with the fact that there are negative ballot numbers. As the saying goes, don’t shoot the messenger.

How important is this? IMO very. Bad actors are carefully looking for weak links in our election process, to be able to take advantage of them. That there is no national requirement for transparent change records for some 4± MILLION ballots is totally unacceptable.

Note that this issue is separate from large, unexpected ballot spikes. See my team’s Report on that matter. The bottom line is that 2020 Presidential ballot spikes totaled over three million — all in favor of one candidate!… These may all be legit, but they are statistically improbable. Again, top-notch accounting documentation is needed to assure the public that everything is on the up and up.

Maintaining such records is a normal practice for a business adhering to high-quality accounting standards. That is a good way to look at what needs to be done regarding our election system: from real audits to accurate record keeping, it needs to be made more business-like. Right now it’s like we are running a billion-dollar enterprise and keeping records on index cards, hidden in an unlocked desk drawer.

3- The brilliant Victor Davis Hanson outlines where things stand with the lawfare weaponized against President Trump.

Victor Davis Hanson

Lawfare Against Trump Is Running Out of Gas

QUOTE: We should dispense with the tired narrative that four conscientious state and federal prosecutors—independently and without contact with the Biden White House or the radical Democrats in Congress—all came to the same disinterested conclusions that Donald Trump should be indicted for various crimes and put on trial during the campaign season of 2024.

The prosecutors began accelerating their indictments only once Trump started to lead incumbent Joe Biden by sizable margins in head-to-head polls. Moreover, had Trump not run for the presidency, or had he been of the same party as most of the four prosecutors, he would have never been indicted by any of them.

Yet now they are in a doom loop of discovering that the more they seek to rush to judgment before the election and gag Trump from speaking publicly about these star-chamber proceedings, the more he rises in the polls.

In truth, each succeeding cycle of corrupt leftwing lawfare that ends in failure—the Russian collusion hoax, the weaponized first impeachment, trying ex-president Trump in the Senate as a private citizen, the laptop disinformation set-up, the Alfa bank ping caper, the pathetic attempt to erase Trump from state ballots, and the unfolding Fani Willis moral debacle—does not return things to zero.

Rather, they serve as force multipliers for each other. Each overreach geometrically increases the dangers to democracy, ever more turns the public off, and ironically cascades sympathy and poll numbers for the very target of their paranoias.

PRAY for divine intervention. SEEK truth. SHARE truth.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic


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