• February 22, 2024

The response to Claudine Gay’s resignation proved DEI is a scam

 The response to Claudine Gay’s resignation proved DEI is a scam


When Claudine Gay announced her resignation from her position as president of Harvard University, while somehow maintaining her $900,000 annual salary, the diversity, equity, and inclusion crowd went into overdrive to label Gay as the ultimate victim of racism.

Racial grifter Ibram X. Kendi blamed Gay’s resignation on “racist mobs” that “won’t stop until they topple all Black people from positions of power and influence.” Historical fiction writer Nikole Hannah-Jones said that “they got what they wanted from their well-executed plan.” And, of course, the legacy media dusted off their favorite weapon of choice , the “conservatives pounce” machine.


The New York Times even published a guest essay (hopefully) written by Gay titled, “What Just Happened at Harvard Is Bigger Than Me.”

And in a terrifying way, she’s correct.

This response highlights the absurd inconsistency leveraged by pseudo-intellectuals such as Gay to climb the intersectional ladder of power. When it’s convenient, they stand proudly as individual icons of their identity group. But when it’s inconvenient — for example, when the predictable consequences of their voluntary actions finally come to light — they recede into the shadows, hiding behind the group’s collective victimhood status.

Through this openly racist lens, it’s racist to hold certain races responsible for their actions.

But beyond this exhausting hypocrisy that’s endemic throughout our institutions, there’s something far deeper and far more dangerous going on: the horrendous reality that in the world of identity politics, intersectionality, and anti-racism, Jews yet again don’t count.

Let’s not fool ourselves: Gay was pressured into resigning (again, without losing a single cent of pay) not because of her response to rampant antisemitism on her campus, but because she was embroiled in multiple plagiarism scandals.

Now, plagiarism is of course a valid reason for dismissal in the world of academia and beyond. But is it worse than arguing that calls for genocide of Jews aren’t examples of bullying and harassment? Of course not. What this really shows is that intersectionality, identity politics, and anti-racism are scams.

While Gay and her radical allies such as Kendi, Hannah-Jones, and members of the legacy media clutch their pearls and declare that her decision to resign is proof of the same “structural racism” that made them all hugely wealthy, they willingly ignore examples of the very same bigotry that would enrage them if it were about any other group.


Imagine if any college president ignored, downplayed, or defended students rampaging around their campus calling for black students to be murdered, or for black students to be driven into the ocean, or for black women to be raped and mutilated.

Would their silence go unnoticed? Would the media bumble over matters of context? Would their resignation spark angry accusations of conspiracy or racism? No. And why? Because in the immoral and racist game of intersectionality, black trumps Jew every time.

Ian Haworth is a columnist, speaker, and host of “ Off Limits .” You can follow him on X at @ighaworth . You can also find him on Substack .

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