• June 19, 2024

The Response to the Chinese Flu is Tyrannical

 The Response to the Chinese Flu is Tyrannical

Gen Z is an Contributor for Conservative Choice Campaign.com

In their view, and mine, there is a difference between a quarantine and what is currently happening. A quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people. Had only New York City been quarantined, I think that would have been well-justified. The Chinese Flu was spreading like wildfire and the city probably needed to be locked down.

But, that’s not what happened. Instead, Big Government from D.C. and petty tyrants from state governments around the nation stepped in and tried to quarantine the entire country. The very premise of that decision was absurd. Really? They’re going to shut down the entire country because of the flu? But it was also unjust. Why should rural Georgia be treated like the mega-cities of New York and LA? Can’t we just led federalism work and have local governments do what is best, as the Founding Brothers wanted American governance to work?

Tyranny is when you restrict the rights and movement of healthy people, and that’s exactly what has been happening, which is why the response to the Chinese Flu is tyrannical.

Cops arrested a man for surfing on his own. A woman was arrested for walking with her kids at a park. Corruption in America has skyrocketed as the government chose winners and losers by deciding which businesses are allowed to remain open. Big Government and corruption always go hand in hand, but in this case, it was particularly vile.

All of this, of course, isn’t really happening because the left wants to keep us safe. No, it comes out of a leftist predilection for compulsion, as William F. Buckley noted in a great quote about leftists and compulsion, and out of a desire to take advantage of the current chaos to cover up their malfeasance during the 2016 election and Trump presidency. They’re really taking Littlefinger’s quote in Game of Thrones about chaos being a ladder at face value!

Everything they are doing is simply meant to cause chaos that negatively affects President Trump. From their fanning the flames of the Antifa riots to their demands that we wear masks and shut the nation down, the response to the Chinese Flu is tyrannical, mainly because of the preferences of our friends on the left. They are doing everything in their power to a) cause chaos and then b) use the power of Big Government to limit that chaos and present themselves as the solution to it.

And why would they not? They’ve learned that they can use riots and the chaos caused by them to lock up innocent Americans in their homes, thus destroying America’s economy and making Trump’s prospects of winning again in 2020 less likely while simultaneously diverting attention from their illegal actions.

While it is what you would expect from a republic in a death spiral rather than a vibrant, thriving nation, it still is not really that out of the blue. It is just a continuation of the trend leftists have been using for decades to increase their power. That tactic, of course, is to create a problem and then present themselves and their tyrannical, Big Government solutions as the only possible solution to that problem.

Conservatives need to wake up to the fact that the left is using that pernicious and start fighting back against it. The path to success is not to try to beat the left at its own game by also advocating for Big Government, but rather to present liberty as the solution. Our Founding Fathers created an amazingly free nation for a reason; they understood the value of liberty. Unfortunately, leaders on both the right and left have strayed from that vision as of late.

But it is not too late to recognize that currently, the response to the Chinese Flu is tyrannical and that the best solution to the problems we are currently facing is to increase liberty rather than the power of the government.

On that note, conservatives must recognize that America needs to re-open; we cannot continue to stay in these absurd, tyrannical lockdowns. And that is not just for economic reasons.

Yes, we need businesses open again, but we also need to stop the tyranny of the Big Government leftists and their Coronavirus “solutions” before it’s too late and America turns into an authoritarian hellscape. We’ve given the government unprecedented power to respond to the pandemic, and from what I’ve seen, the response to the Chinese Flu is tyrannical and has been shaped primarily by compulsion-loving leftists. That needs to stop. Now. Strike a balance with liberty, safety, and the Chinese flu. Don’t just destroy any last vestige of liberty.

Conservatives of all ages need to preach that the response to the Chinese Flu is tyrannical and that the best solution to these problems we are currently facing is liberty. But, by far the most important age group to preach that fact is young conservatives. Many of our peers do not understand the value of liberty. We need to use this opportunity to teach it to them. Do so by commenting on and sharing this article!

By: Gen Z Conservative, author of the blog www.genzconservative.com

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