• May 24, 2024

The Rule

 The Rule

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

The Rule

From time-to-time people present issues for me to write on. Before engaging in that I must consider various aspects to decide if I possess enough info to express a thought which results in a logical expression. I believe I have done so.

Interesting communication could be held on the concept of “spouse-swapping” Don’t ask me why it’s called “wife-swapping,” which seems to disregard a whole other element we call “husband,” but the concept has a few other names. First, we speak of an activity that violates no governmental rule/law, nor one that infringes on the rights & freedoms of others, that’s the rule. With that starting point, we move to “morality,” what we feel is right or wrong. In a relationship I firmly believe only those 2 people can decide their morality, no one has a right to hold them to whatever their personal moral belief is absent that rule being broken.

Whatever vow, promise, agreement those 2 people entered as they continue their lives together is between them, during that if alterations are mutually made that is their right, no others have a right to question. During our lives, needs arise on many levels & we adjust our lives & do what is necessary to resolve those needs. When that need is of a sexual nature, I firmly believe that ends debate, only 2 people are allowed input.

Ok, so I firmly believe in all that vow, promise, soulmate, fate stuff, my morality, no others have a right to question. An example is a politician involved in “spouse swapping,” which concerns people they represent. They have a right to express their concern although no right to interfere in the relationship, the rule hasn’t been broken. However, they are free to express their concerns when the time comes to vote, as do those people not concerned over the activity, that’s the American way & morality continues to exist in people’s lives.

We live in a country that is undergoing severe distress, life always has a priority & America must be ours. I just don’t care if Harry & Sally are sleeping with Albert & Bernice, I really don’t. If their lives are within the rule, I cannot have an objection. If they are happy Americans all I ask, is they vote in a logical manner, I do have some very strong opinions on America, the country people have died to protect, died to create. The burden is on us as American Patriots to concentrate on our priorities & let others live their lives.

Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot
Free State of Florida

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