• June 22, 2024

The Truth About Hunter Biden’s Laptop

John Paul Mac Isaac is not backing down. He came out today with a new video explaining in detail why he is 100% certain that it was Hunter Biden and his laptop that showed up in John’s computer repair shop in April of 2019.

John’s testimony and, more importantly, the actual evidence that the computer belonged to Hunter–i.e., the driver’s license, the signature on the work order, the email used as point of contact and the phone number–take on new importance in light of the revelation that Hunter is a target of investigations by the FBI, the IRS and that US Attorney’s in the Southern District of New York and Delaware are pursuing the matter.

You do not have to be Perry Mason or Matlock to realize that the evidence on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop shows clear criminal activity (e.g., wanton use of illegal narcotics, prostitution and inappropriate sexual activity with a minor) as well as troubling communications and interactions with the Chinese and Russians. These are not inconsequential, minor, unimportant activities.

When you add in the documentary evidence and testimony of former Hunter business associate, Tony Bobulinski, there is no doubt that Joe Biden, a thief who wants to be President, also is implicated.

Remember John Paul Mac Isaac. He is standing up notwithstanding the risks entailed. That is the definition of courage. If you want to help John Paul in his fight, you can contribute here.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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