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THEY’RE LYING TO YOU: WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Their Website

 THEY’RE LYING TO YOU: WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Their Website

TGP first reported on March 17, 2020, on the controversial Ethiopian politician and WHO Director General, Tedros, and his irresponsible and criminal fear mongering. Tedros claimed in a press conference in early March that the fatality rate for the coronavirus was 3.4%.  He then compared this rate to the rate of the  common flu which is estimated to be around 0.1%.

This was a lie.  We knew it then and reported on it.  He manipulated data to make this statement.  This egregiously false premise led to the greatest global panic in world history.

The Director General of the WHO spoke on March 3, 2020 and shared this related to the coronavirus:

While many people globally have built up immunity to seasonal flu strains, COVID-19 is a new virus to which no one has immunity. That means more people are susceptible to infection, and some will suffer severe disease.

Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected.

Here is the video of Dr. Ghebreyesus’s remarks.

The problems with his claims were that he didn’t explain that the estimate of mortality rates for the flu included millions of individuals who had the flu but were not tested or identified with the flu.  (Every year there are millions of Americans in this category.)  The calculation he used for COVID-19 was different and not adjusted for the millions of individuals who would similarly have COVID-19 and not be confirmed or tested for it.

We were criticized for this observation but then in June, the CDC announced a similar estimated number of Americans had the China coronavirus but have not been tested and confirmed for having it. The CDC estimated a minimum of 20 million Americans at that time had COVID-19 resulting in the mortality rates for the China coronavirus in the US being very similar to that of the common flu confirming what we reported in March.

The WHO continues to show it is a political organization first and health care organization second or third.

The WHO recently redefined herd immunity in their attempt to promote the global COVID19 vaccine.

This is a sinister and dishonest attempt to rewrite science in order to favor their vaccination scheme.

Via The American Institute of Economic Research:

The World Health Organization, for reasons unknown, has suddenly changed its definition of a core conception of immunology: herd immunity. Its discovery was one of the major achievements of 20th century science, gradually emerging in the 1920s and then becoming ever more refined throughout the 20th century.

Herd immunity is a fascinating observation that you can trace to biological reality or statistical probability theory,

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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