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‘Things Will Happen’: MA Gov. Brushes Off Teen Raped By Migrant at a Shelter

 ‘Things Will Happen’: MA Gov. Brushes Off Teen Raped By Migrant at a Shelter


Brittany M. Hughes | March 22, 2024

A 15-year-old girl was reportedly raped by a migrant from Haiti at a Massachusetts Comfort Inn that had been turned into a migrant shelter.

Officers arrested Cory Alvarez on charges of child sexual assault after the teen told police he raped her after she helped him download some apps onto his tablet. Both Alvarez and the victim were staying at the Comfort Inn in Rockland, which had been turned into one of multiple migrant shelters that have popped up all over the state thanks to President Joe Biden’s open-border policies and the illegal alien crisis they’ve triggered.

Democrat Gov. Maura Healy’s response to such a horrendous crime?

”It’s unfortunate that…we have security, and systems in place, we have vetting in place. It is unfortunate that from time to time, things will happen.”

She claims Alvarez arrived in the United States lawfully in 2023 via New York, having come here under one of the Biden administration’s many federal programs importing people from all over the globe.

Meanwhile, thousands more migrants – most of them unvetted and lacking proper ID – are being housed in Massachusetts hotels, office buildings, public recreation centers, and even Boston Logan International Airport after the state’s emergency shelters reached their 7,500-family capacity back in November.

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Announcing a new, tax-funded partnership with NGO’s to help find housing for illegal aliens just last week, Lt. Gov. Driscoll said in a statement, “Resettlement agencies bring years of experience to the table of integrating families into towns and neighborhoods across Massachusetts. They understand what it takes to get a family settled and supported so they can feel at home here, and I look forward to seeing them work with the newest residents of our state.”

And if some turn out to be child rapists? Oh, well.

After all, “things will happen.”

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