• July 22, 2024

This Christmas Creepy Michael Avenatti Is Living at a Friend’s House Wearing an Ankle Monitor

 This Christmas Creepy Michael Avenatti Is Living at a Friend’s House Wearing an Ankle Monitor

Michael Avenatti is now out of prison living with a friend and wearing an ankle monitor to keep track of his whereabouts. 

HotAir reports:

It’s hard to say who is the bigger object lesson of the Trump resistance. Is it former Gov. Andrew Cuomo who briefly became the hero of the pandemic before falling under suspicion for lying about the death toll and for creating a hostile work environment for several of the women who worked for him. He wound up resigning, having lost the support of the people who’d once lionized him.

A few months after Avenatti’s presidential run was gaining traction, Avenatti wore out his welcome.  Her started:…by bringing forward a Kavanaugh accuser whose story completely fell apart in public. Just a few months later he was arrested for attempted extortion and other crimes. He was defiant at first, still claiming that he was completely innocent and would be exonerated. And then he was convicted and became weepy when he was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for his attempt to extort Nike. He’s appealing that case and still fighting three other cases in California but at some point fairly soon he’s likely to find himself in prison. From belle of the ball to friendless convict is a long, long way to fall.After noting that Avenatti is living with a friend while wearing an ankle monitor, Hotair concludes:If Avenatti had really learned a lesson about nuance, he might feel compelled to offer some remorse for the things he’s done to others instead of just thinking about the things others have done to him. For instance, he championed the effort to accuse Judge Brett Kavanaugh of gang rape, an allegation that quickly fell apart. What are his feelings about that now? Politico quotes him saying, “I deserve no blame for what happened in connection with Kavanaugh. Period.” So much for nuance. Maybe a few years in prison will give him more time to reflect.

Oh, how the Democrat’s top 2020 candidate has fallen.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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