• September 28, 2023

Those Elegant Art Thieves: In the US and the UK, the Fate of Two Sophisticated Academics Show a Different Face of Criminality

 Those Elegant Art Thieves: In the US and the UK, the Fate of Two Sophisticated Academics Show a Different Face of Criminality

UK’s Peter John Higgs and US’ Lawrence Gray.

On both sides of the Atlantic, crime presents itself in many gruesome ways, from mob smash and grab to armed robbery and all the varieties in between.

But the even the most protected classes are not immune to the effects of criminality, and worse – the alleged culprits may come from their very own circles of friendship.

Lawrence Gray is an American retired professor, and everyone that knows him agree he has ‘great taste, immaculate manners, glittering social connections’.

Peter John Higgs was a PHD curator of Greek collections at the British Museum, and also tracked down looted artifacts and returning them to their home countries.

One sued and prosecuted, the other fired and investigated – both disgraced for their alleged involvement in the robbery of jewels, antiquities and xxxxxxx

New York Post reported:

“The 79-year-old is accused of making off with at least $1 million of jewels and art from homes in five states, some where he had been invited to weddings or fundraisers.”

Prosecutors in New York echo previous claims in civil court, describing Gray as a ‘clever thief’ who began targeting his lover – and then her proceeded to rob members of their affluent circle of friends.

He had a long relationship with Jacqueline Quillen, a heiress and a divorcee. He often stayed at her houses in East Hampton or in Georgetown. They had separate homes but shared a busy social life.

“But what she did not know was that Gray was, allegedly, stealing from her and from her friends. He even took the 1920s Steuben martini glasses she had been gifted by Loomis, her son Parker alleged in a civil suit.

Gray, who surrendered to authorities Tuesday, has now been accused in Manhattan of stealing at least seven pieces of high-end jewelry and selling them through a New York auction house between 2016 and 2018, earning in excess of $45,000.”

The pieces allegedly stolen by Gray include ‘a Verdura platinum, diamond and sapphire brooch’ that sold for $22,500, as well as $13,000 ‘Buccellati pendant earrings’ and a $7,500 ‘Buccellati brooch’.

“Gray is also facing a felony larceny charge in Rhode Island, where he allegedly stole a $32,000 Verdura platinum, diamond and sapphire brooch from the Newport home of Nannette and George Herrick, a former US diplomat, during a wedding reception.”

Gray’s downfall started when, in May 2021, Nannette Herrick was alerted that her

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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