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Today September 11th, Is The Birthday of the New World Order

 Today September 11th, Is The Birthday of the New World Order

Skyline of Manhattan with smoke billowing from the Twin Towers following September 11th terrorist attack on World Trade Center, New York City. Sept 11, 2001. Prints & Photographs Division-Library of Congress

On this day, September 11, 1990, the American President announced the beginning of the New World Order. Appropriately enough, it was President George HW Bush who made the announcement. After all, he was its chief architect. Before a special Joint Congress session, Bush outlined his vision for this New Order of the Ages.

It was a time of extraordinary global turmoil. The United States was putting in place the men and equipment that would invade Iraq next year. While on the other side of the Globe, Estonia, Lithuania,  and Georgia were declaring that they were each a Sovereignty Country. And, in less than a year, the Soviet Union would dissolve.

So, as Bush ascended to the Podium that evening, he was doing little more than reporting to Congress and the American People the events occurring worldwide. It was also his opportunity to get out in front of this march of history.

He begins his speech by saying:

“We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment…Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a new world order — can emerge a new era — freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace.”

It was the first time the phrase “new world order” was uttered by an American Leader. For many, this new construct would lead to confusion and debate. In the years to come,  many would return to this speech, trying to determine Bush’s real meaning. Many thought that Bush was calling for a “One World Government?” While it is true that Bush was, in a real sense, a “Globalist,” it was a Global Order with one indisputable leader: the United States.

Later, in the very same address to Congress, Bush goes on to provide a listing of America’s role in this New World Order:

“America and the World must defend common vital interests — and we will. America and the World must support the rule of law — and we will. America and the World must stand up to aggression — and we will. And one thing more: In the pursuit of these goals, America will not be intimidated.”

Notice the positioning: it’s “America and the World…” America in the leadership position. Bush’s New World Order is an order with just one leader, America. America’s leadership position would become a reality in just a year. With the fall of the old Soviet Union, the remaining superpower became the US of A.

Like the coalition that Bush built to invade Iraq, Bush saw America as the premier nation. While other countries joined the “coalition of the willing,” the United States took the leadership role in providing the bulk armaments and military personnel for the battle.

For the next 32 years, this American-centric New World Order has prevailed. It is an order in which the United States has not hesitated to use its armed forces against any country that opposed the NWO. In that time, the US began no fewer than 18 separate military actions against such diverse nations as Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Niger, and Haiti, to name a few. The era of the New World Order has created an  America that has become the most militarily aggressive in history.

Some have said that the United States behaves like the “policeman of the world.” More accurately, America has merely been enforcing its vision of this New World Order.

However, the NWO was shaken to its core on February 24 last year, with the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine. Russia was acting in complete defiance of the US Global Order. Ukraine had been a virtual vassal state of America for a generation or more. The current US President had spent much of his career focused on Ukraine. Under President Obama (2009-2017) as Vice President, Biden was appointed “point man” to oversee US support for Ukraine. A position that made Biden the ultimate overseer for the country.

It was a natural role in the American New World Order. As the World’s remaining superpower, America, under Obama and Biden, assumed the role of arbiter to the World. Ukraine was one of the chief hotspots of the time, so it was only natural that our Nation’s Vice President should guide them in the ways of the NWO. There was simply no opposition. At the time, Russia lagged far behind the Americans in Military might. So, Russia was in no position to object to the American assertion of control of Ukraine.

President Bush calls New York City officials on 9/1/01

Over time, that all changed. Under President Putin, the Russian Federation has built a tremendous military and an economy that can withstand the full sanctions of the American and European Colossus.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, it appeared to be a mismatch. Ukraine had the largest Army in Europe, with nearly 200,000 active personnel. It was fully equipped with the latest, most technologically advanced weapons from the US and NATO. Many in the West saw Russia as a less-than-capable force, consisting mainly of conscripts who were not as well trained as the Ukrainians.

However, the actual results on the battlefield have not borne that out. Once considered a poorly trained and disciplined force, the Russians have proven to be an extremely formidable foe. For 18 months, Russia has more than survived the battle, going toe-to-toe with Ukraine. By many European assessments, Russia is now actually winning the war.
A Russian victory would be nothing short of an earth-shattering event. The Russian incursion in Ukraine is completely overturning the New World Order. It has shown that the United States’ claim to supremacy may no longer be valid. The champion has met its match.

For Eighteen times, the United States fought off any challenger to its World Order. But not this time. This time, Russia remains standing. It remains resolute.

The Russian performance in the war speaks volumes to a world that is ultimately ruled by raw power. For 33 years, America has not hesitated to exercise its might as the only Military superpower. The American New World Order stood on the shoulders of the World’s most powerful military.

However, each day that Russia remains on the battlefield in Ukraine, it becomes a vivid demonstration that American power is waning. It is a lesson that the rest of the World recognizes: former “friends” and “allies” are beginning to desert America. You see that in those countries that are joining BRICS, the international trade organization. Long-time “allies” like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and India are leaving the American sphere to join this independent association.

Today, September 11, is the 33rd Birthday of the New World Order, an Order that reflected the scope and reach of one country, America. Throughout history, the World’s order has been a function of the power and might of its most dominant nation. Today, America’s preeminence is facing its greatest challenge. It’s uncertain if our “New World Order” could survive a Russian victory in Ukraine.

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