• May 23, 2024

Too Few Military in Congress

 Too Few Military in Congress


Those who have served our Nation are held close to our hearts and with unfettered respect, but all semblance of that is seemingly forgotten with statistics of 22 suicides a day between Active Duty and Veterans. So many leave the military to be faced with uphill battles, be it with health, both mentally and physically, or career wise, whether through any type of education or transitioning what they’ve been trained to perform in the military to the private sector.

With nearly 20 million military veterans today, we have seen a substantial decline in the percentage of those in the Senate and House who represent them. The United States Congress is made up of just under 20% who have served in the military, an astonishing decline given that the number was near 80% in the 1980s.

Leadership within the VA and the military are not immune to the lack of direction provided by Congress. Direction can only be affected by someone who knows what problems exist on the inside and how to root them out. It is incredibly easy to throw money at the military and the VA all in the name of giving them support from an arm chair. It is another to understand from the inside what kind of support is needed.

After spending several years in the Navy, I am embarking on a journey to stand up for our military; my brothers-and-sisters in arms. I have seen firsthand what hurdles are in the way of responding to the needs of Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.

Help me stand up to bring real change and support to those who have sacrificed so much to ensure our freedom by donating today: www.miles4ok5.com

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