• April 20, 2024

Trans ‘Biology’ Teacher Knows Nothing About Science

If you need a reason to homeschool your kid, here’s one. 

The popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok posted a video clip of a U.S. Department of Education training session on how to be inclusive of transgender and non-binary children where one teacher said that ovaries produce eggs, not women.

Transgender biology teacher Sam Long provided the inside scoop on what “he/him” likes to teach to he/him’s students. Long encouraged being a “stickler for inclusive language in any conversation.” Long listed examples from his “guide” of “inclusive language” he/him likes to use in class to mollycoddle the LGBTQILMNOP students. 

The Dept of Education held a training for teachers to learn how to be inclusive of tran and non-binary K-12 students.

This trans teacher says he teaches inclusive language like not everyone who produces eggs is a woman.

The official U.S. Dept of Ed is promoting these ideas. pic.twitter.com/V7aEYIlirz
— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) April 27, 2022

“A lot of textbooks, a lot of existing teaching will say, well, women produce eggs. Males are more likely to be color-blind. The mother carries the fetus for this many months. And some ways that we can show our support for trans and non-binary students just to clean up that language, be more precise” Long said. 

He/him continued, “We can be more accurate and be more inclusive. So I would say, no, it’s not women that produce eggs. It’s ovaries that produce eggs. That’s accurate, that’s precise. We’re acknowledging that not all women produce eggs and also, not all egg producers are women, for example.” Apparently Long’s version of “more accurate” is just more vague and less accurate. 

Again, this is a biology teacher.

In an attempt to protect the self-delusion of the alphabet community, Long is actually showing his clear lack of knowledge. Neither women nor ovaries “produce” eggs. A FEMALE is born with all the eggs she will ever need and those eggs are then used to make a baby, with a male. Males have never and will never produce eggs. You’re not a male if you produce eggs. Period. Ovaries are part of the FEMALE reproductive system and by denying this, Long is denying the science and neglecting the fact that women are freaking awesome for carrying eggs to reproduce one day. What about empowering women bro? (you technically are one so I mean…)

Long and idiot teachers like him are facilitating a generation of children who will be, if not oblivious to basic science, then at least under the impression that biology bends to silly fads.

In Florida, the Parenental Rights in Education Bill was set up to eliminate topics of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools but it appears the public education system needs to have some restrictions on other topics too. Perhaps restrictions on topics that feed lies to children in order to indoctrinate and groom them even more because that’s exactly what this teacher and the U.S. Department of Education purport.  

In the video, Long also directed attendees of Department of Education training session to GenderInclusiveBiology.com which pumps even more woke lies about “science” and “inclusivity,” whatever the freak that means. 

I’m unsure who gave Long the qualification to teach biology since he denies even the basics. He’s much better at fictional storytelling or play pretend and may have better luck teaching those topics.

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