• March 31, 2023

Trans ‘Care’ Has Become the Left’s Latest Cash Cow by Following the COVID Playbook

 Trans ‘Care’ Has Become the Left’s Latest Cash Cow by Following the COVID Playbook


Media, Hollywood and liberal activists in positions of power are using false claims of “science” – while harming children in the process – to make the transgender “care” industry rich, just as they used COVID to gain power and enrich medical industries, Fox News Channel Host Laura Ingraham said Thursday.

“More phony science, more damaged kids: that’s the focus of tonight’s ‘Angle,’” Ingraham said, introducing her nightly commentary:

“Fear, money power – those are the three overriding principles that drove our government’s hideously-flawed response to COVID. From mandating experimental mRNA shots, to closing schools and playgrounds – oh, to social distancing, that was stupid – and masking.”

“There was lost learning, lost athletics, missed graduations,” Ingraham added.

“And now, the same forces are at it again, trying to sell us another new normal: a demonic campaign to destroy the natural biological order – one where are children are once again the guinea pigs,” Ingraham said:

“And, it’s all backed by phony science and Big Pharma. It’s pushed by radicals in our schools. It’s adopted by Big Business and Big Government. And, of course, all the while, it’s glamorized by Big Tech and the entertainment industry.”

“The field of transgender health care is also booming,” Ingraham said, noting how hospitals, just like those companies who cashed in on COVID, are raking in the profits:

“And, let’s face it: gender-transition surgeries bring cash-strapped hospitals big money. My friends, this is not science.

“And this explains the relentless push to expand gender-affirming care, even for young people.”

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