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Trump Supporters March in Beverly Hills (Video)

 Trump Supporters March in Beverly Hills (Video)

A diverse crowd of Hundreds of Trump supporters marched in Beverly Hills, California Saturday in what has become a weekly demonstration of support for the President’s reelection.

Videos and photos show a boisterous, peaceful crowd waving American flags and Trump flags, with some also waving flags of their native countries.

Beverly Hills hype af for Trump! pic.twitter.com/VNBzOrtww2

— Jon Miller (@MillerStream) September 27, 2020

Trump rally in Beverly Hills. Conservitive girls are hotter


— LAdude4Trump (@LAdude4Trump) September 27, 2020


#MAGA: Beverly Hills FREEDOM RALLY thru the STREETS!

09.26.20 pic.twitter.com/Gd0P3LJE5i

— Despacita Latina O’Crazio CornPop (@OcrazioCornPop) September 27, 2020

Happening now in Beverly Hills, large Trump rally marching down Rodeo Drive bookended by a QAnon flag in front and an “Arrest Bill Gates” sign in the rear pic.twitter.com/7Rn1yLTqvG

— Samuel Braslow (@SamBraslow) September 27, 2020

The rally was notably diverse. For this Black Trump supporter, her opposition to Democrats seemed to boil down, in part, to a traditional view of family structures and a belief that Democrats were responsible for the disintegration of the Black family unit. pic.twitter.com/YhW8i40sws

— Samuel Braslow (@SamBraslow) September 27, 2020

Some Trump supporters at the rally set up karaoke to drum up more signatures on a recall petition for Gavin Newsom.

It got funky. pic.twitter.com/9l73nf5bST

— Samuel Braslow (@SamBraslow) September 27, 2020

Massive Peaceful Pro President Trump Démonstration in Beverly Hills This Afternoon: pic.twitter.com/lYLxOUgPIG

— Silent Majority for Trump (@majority_trump) September 27,

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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