• December 6, 2023

Tucker Carlson Asks, Is Ukraine the Representative Autocracy Washington DC Hopes To Achieve Here?

 Tucker Carlson Asks, Is Ukraine the Representative Autocracy Washington DC Hopes To Achieve Here?


Tucker Carlson used his monologue tonight to note something we have discussed at length here.  Western government leaders continue to make statements about “representative democracy” in comparison to “autocratic non-western government”, yet they make these public statements while personifying autocracy itself.

An example was Joe Biden making statements to the media during a 9-11 commemoration visit to Shanksville Pennsylvania. In his remarks, Joe Biden decried Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladmir Putin as autocrats, yet Biden had just announced forced mandatory medical procedures for all U.S. workers a mere 36 hours before. It is a fact that throughout the last two years – the leaders of Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States have used declarations of emergency to position themselves with massive power.  This is not debatable.

As a consequence, the prior definition of “western representative democracy” collapsed under the weight of COVID-19 and was replaced with unilateral authoritarian emergency power.   When you look around, every single government in the west is still trying to extend those COVID powers by extending the emergency declarations that provide them.   Again, none of this is up for debate; it is empirically true.

Tucker asks a really good question.  Is the autocratic system of government that existed in Ukraine before the Russian invasion – which is (not coincidentally) identical in many ways to the COVID-19 inspired system of government created by Western leaders – actually, the real motive for those western leaders to unite in their support and current propaganda campaign on behalf of Ukraine?  I think he might be onto something.  WATCH:


Is western autocracy the real objective, and is modern fascism (i.e. corporatism) the technique to get there?

There is a massive synergy visible if you think about the WEF selecting leaders in this process.  The problem for western leaders, who want to be dictators, has always been the voice of the people.   Replace traditional democracy by merging modern corporatism with a new version of western autocracy, and we end up with a never-ending system of oppressive government just like we have been dealing with for the past two years throughout the pandemic.


“They are starting to notice the quiet part”…


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