• June 18, 2024

Tucker Carlson Exposes The Insane Parts Of The Democrat Convention The Media Didn’t Show You (VIDEO)

 Tucker Carlson Exposes The Insane Parts Of The Democrat Convention The Media Didn’t Show You (VIDEO)

Throughout the week, the Democratic National Convention has been on prime time TV every night.

If you watched any of it, you would have heard some crazy things, but the REALLY crazy stuff was happening during the day, and the media didn’t show you any of that.

Tucker Carlson recently exposed this in a must-see segment on his show.

Here’s a partial transcript via FOX News:

Tucker reveals the DNC party leaders don’t want you to see, where extremism and anti-Americanism come out

“You might not know this, but most of the actual convention events take place during daytime hours,” the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host explained. “The networks don’t cover them. You have no idea they ever happen. There’s a reason for that, obviously, but what a loss for the viewing public.”

At one event, Pastor Frederick Haynes III of Texas castigated President Trump and his supporters during a fiery opening prayer.

“You had the nerve to build a wall while at the same time you have in the harbor there in New York a Statue of Liberty … Jesus will say, ‘America, if you don’t get your act together, you may well go to Hell,’” said Haynes at one point…

Carlson then introduced J Mai, a graduate assistant at Wake Forest University’s LGBT Center whose biography describes them as a “Black Vietnamese transgender non-binary gender-transcendent mermaid queenking currently living out their ever-evolving truths in Winston-Salem.”

“Why can’t folks imagine a world without the cops, why can’t folks imagine a world without prisons, why can’t people expand their imaginations to include community care, to include an abolitionist future?” Mai said in the clip. “I’m talking about for real-for real abolition, not just the watered-down DNC version of abolition. We’re talking about abolishing the police, we’re talking about abolishing ICE, we’re talking about abolishing prisons.”

Watch the video below:

Why did the media hide all of this craziness?

The answer should be obvious.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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