• July 14, 2024

Tucker Carlson in Michigan Speech: ‘If Lying Was a Crime, Your Governor Would be in Supermax for Life’ (VIDEO)

 Tucker Carlson in Michigan Speech: ‘If Lying Was a Crime, Your Governor Would be in Supermax for Life’ (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson recently gave a speech at an event for Brighter Michigan PAC.

He spoke about how the truth has been turned on its head and that our leaders lie to us all the time while accusing others of being liars.

He talked about how insane it is that some people are being sent to prison for the mere crime of saying the last election was rigged.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

TUCKER CARLSON: If you want to know, and I am being completely sincere, what’s true, the true things are the things that you can’t say. I cannot remember the last time that someone in public life was prosecuted or even criticized for lying. If lying was a crime your governor would be in Supermax for life. If being incompetent was a felony, she’d be on death row. Banning paint sales during COVID? It’s unbelievable. But there is no penalty for lying, there is no penalty for incompetence.

So what do we penalize every society penalizes something. There’s a death penalty offense in every society for the beginning of time. What’s ours? It’s telling the truth.

If you tell the truth, the real truth, the no BS truth, like what’s actually going on here? Is this actually working? And no, it’s not why isn’t it working? If you were to be honest about that, you’re done.

So you have to ask yourself, like, what does it say about a society where the only penalty is for noting what’s true? It says something pretty bad about that society. Do you want to live in a place where lying is mandatory? No.

It’s a third world country, as someone just said, literally, two days ago, I was in downtown Buenos Aires. And I said to somebody, the economy has completely collapsed, they have hyperinflation. And they said, what’s the exchange rate on the peso, the Argentine peso to the US dollar? And they’re like, well, the government claims it’s 350 pesos to the dollar. But actually, it’s over 700. I was like, so the government lies about what the value of its own currencies are. Absolutely. I was like, that’s crazy. And by the way to pay for lunch, it takes a stack of pesos the size of a cinderblock. You need a backpack, just buy a pack of cigarettes. It’s unbelievable. But I was like, I can’t believe the government lies about the value of its own currency. And I was like, Oh, wait.

This part comes towards the end:

So oh, how can you say the last election was rigged? Well, when the country’s largest law enforcement organization, the FBI actively works on behalf of one political party. And

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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