• December 6, 2023

Tucker Carlson Rips TX Gov. Abbott For Busing Illegal Immigrants To D.C. – But Not For The Reason You Think

On Wednesday morning, a bus from Texas dropped off the first group of illegal immigrants just blocks from the Capitol.

Last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had threatened the move, and this week, made good on his word. 

On Thursday morning, a second bus pulled into Washington D.C. carrying another group of illegal immigrants. 

Plenty of conservatives have cheered the move as a way to stick it to Joe Biden and politicians who don’t have to live with the reality of the border chaos on a daily basis. 

But Fox’s Tucker Carlson wasn’t impressed. In fact, he seemed a little peeved about it.

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Theatre Or Stunt?

Democrats, including White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, have called the move “a publicity stunt.” 

Conservatives may have gotten a surprise Wednesday evening when Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson agreed that Abbott’s move was little more than a stunt. 

Speaking of Abbott’s move – sending buses full of illegal immigrants 1,700 miles across the country only to be cut loose inside the country – Tucker asked what should have been a more obvious question:

“So moving a bus of 23 illegal aliens into Washington DC, it’s almost like a meme. Why not just move them back to the countries they came from? Why not take the tested National Guard & keep them from coming into our country?”

It’s a great question. 

Who is benefitting or winning here? Sure, it’s a “gotcha” moment for Abbott. 

But those buses could easily travel just a few miles from Del Rio back across the border, instead of nearly 2,000 miles. 

Some might even say its indicative of the problem with the Republican Party as a whole. Lots of talk, and no real action to either counter Democrats or advance their own stated agenda. 

At the end of the day, Abbott is just making Texans pay to move more illegal immigrants into the country.

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Texas Doing The Job The Biden Adm. Won’t Do

But it wasn’t all criticism from Tucker. In the same segment, he brought on Todd Bensman from the Center for Immigration Studies to discuss Abbott’s move to have Texas State Troopers inspect commercial trucks entering the country.

Bensman believes the move – which has led to a 60% drop in commercial traffic across the border – is about more than meets the eye.

“They won’t say exactly what I think they want to say, which is ‘We’re going to do this to you, Mexico, until you clean up your side of the border of the mass migration that’s coming,’” Bensman said, adding, “To me it seems like it’s a leverage point, that they are hoping to get the Biden administration and the Mexican governors to respond to this.”

“It is proving to be a major muscle that the state of Texas is able to flex.”

Interesting insight, and quite clever, if true.

It seems to be at least moving the needle, however slightly. On Wednesday, Abbott and the Governor of Nuevo Leon, Alejandro Garcia Sepulveda, announced an agreement. Texas will ease checkpoint stops and Nuevo Leon will institute checkpoints along a nine mile stretch of the Mexican side of the border.

Watch the whole segment:

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