• April 18, 2024

U.S.-based Muslim cleric boasts that Muslims will become majority in Swedish cities in just one generation

 U.S.-based Muslim cleric boasts that Muslims will become majority in Swedish cities in just one generation




And when that happens, leftists will find the diversity they have demanded that we celebrate for so long becoming quickly and inexorably more monochromatic than they ever expected.

“Muslims will become majority in Swedish cities in just 1 generation, boasts Pakistani-born theologian,” by John Cody, Remix News, March 13, 2024:

Swedish women have never had so few children as in 2023, new data shows. Based on the childbearing gap, Yasir Qadhi, a Pakistani-born American theologian, predicts that in just one generation, half of Malmö’s population will be Muslim.

“Walking through the streets of Malmö is like walking through Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, or Damascus, the capital of Syria,” said Yasir Qadhi, a Pakistani-born American theologian, as reported in the Swedish newspaper Samnytt.

Qadhi, who has a doctorate in theology from Yale University, gave lectures on Islam to young Muslims in Stockholm and Malmö. He says he asked himself during his visit to Malmö whether he was in Sweden, according to a video he posted on YouTube.

He also shared his theory with the world that the towns he mentioned would become Muslim towns because while Swedes have few children, it is not uncommon for a Muslim family to have five or six. In a generation’s time, Malmö will not be dominated by Swedes, according to the theologian.

As Remix News previously reported, ethnic Swedish children are already a minority in the school system of Malmö, with one Swedish academic reacting to the massive demographic transformation known as the Great Replacement by claiming that schools should be taught in Arabic, as Swedish is now a minority language.

Associate professor of social work, Erica Righard, who works at Malmö University, wrote in her report for the Growth Commission, that the demographic changes present “new challenges for integration.”

Conservatives in Sweden have long pointed to Malmö as a harbinger of a future that the majority of Swedes remain opposed to, as the city has completely transformed from nearly all ethnic Swedes into a multicultural area marked by urban decay, no-go zones controlled by migrant clans, and a city unsafe for women in many areas….


  1. Peacelover says

    I wonder how may ‘no-go zones’ exist in the U.S. as of today(for that one particular reason)? I mean,I think I’ve heard/read of some in the upper mid-west but I wonder around the U.S. in general. Anyone know/have an idea?

  2. tharmon says

    And once they turn Sweden into a toilet like the ones they left before, where will they go then? The Muslims always tell us they are the “best of people” but their countries are all a sick joke.

    • Mike says

      Then they will try to attack and invade other countries to turn them into toilets too, unless Muslims in Sweden manage to reform and moderate their faith somehow.

      Apparently, Sweden will be one-third Muslim by 2050.

      • 40 rounds says

        Mike, they won’t need to invade or attack–they will be welcomed with open arms because the leftist -communists hate us more than them

  3. abu taleb says

    The west is burying their heads in the sand, while the rest of the world are laughing at them (and some are crying at the same time)

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