• February 21, 2024

UFC Fighter Colby Covington Says Saturday Night Loss Was a Result of Unfair Judges: “They Hate me Because I Support Trump”

 UFC Fighter Colby Covington Says Saturday Night Loss Was a Result of Unfair Judges: “They Hate me Because I Support Trump”


MMA Fighter Colby Covington called out the judges of last night’s welterweight championship at UFC 296 in Las Vegas for their bias in awarding Leon Edwards with the win.

Covington laid nearly twice the “total strikes” (109 to 65) on his opponent but had slightly fewer “significant strikes” (57 to 44). The judges, in a unanimous decision, crowned Edwards the victor “because I support Trump,” argues Covington.

According to Fightmetric, “significant strikes refer to all strikes at distance and power strikes in the clinch and on the ground. It does not include small, short strikes in the clinch and on the ground. Those will be included in the Total Strikes category.” While these strikes are given more weight in scoring, Covington destroyed Edwards in total strikes and had the same number of “takedowns.”

This may sound like sore loser talk, but it’s all too common today that politics plays a role in people’s decisions. Take, for example, DEI standards and diversity hiring practices, where woke companies pass over a qualified individual for a less qualified individual judged solely on the merits of their identity.

I’m not suggesting that Edwards won this fight on the basis that he’s a black man fighting a white Trump supporter, but that could make sense if we knew the panel of judges was made up of woke liberals who believe in equity over equality.

We also see the political persecution of President Trump, his allies, and conservatives in the so-called justice system and in everyday life via cancel culture.

It would not sound as believable if a fighter said he lost because he likes Biden and the judges like Trump because most conservatives don’t discriminate against others for their political beliefs. But leftists typically do.

It is unclear what political leanings the judges hold.

“I thought the third, fourth, and fifth round were mine… The fifth was mine, easily,” said Covington. However, the judges reportedly awarded Rounds 1-4 to Edwards via 10-9 scores in a “rare” unanimous decision.

MMA Fighting reports,

Covington reacted with shock when Edwards was declared the winner of Saturday’s pay-per-view via unanimous 49-46 scores. Despite his performance, he chalked up his third title loss to bias from officials.

“I thought the third, fourth and fifth round were mine,” Covington said at the post-fight press conference for UFC 296. “The fifth was mine,

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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