• May 23, 2024

Ukraine-Israel-Taipei Aid Bill Also Encourages Muslim Migration to US

 Ukraine-Israel-Taipei Aid Bill Also Encourages Muslim Migration to US



Almost all of the discussion about the recent $95 billion aid bill finally has been about the military aid to Ukraine and Israel and Taiwan, and about the failure to allocate any of that aid to protecting our southern border from illegal immigrants who have been pouring across that border from Mexico into Texas. But there is another aspect of the bill that is being passed over in silence but should be cause for great alarm: the $3.5 billion that will be spent on encouraging immigration, including would-be immigrants from Muslim countries. Robert Spencer wrote about this here, and more on this part of the bill can be found here: “Ukraine-Israel Aid Bill Includes ‘$3.5 Billion to Supercharge Mass Migration from the Middle East,’” by Neil Munro, Breitbart, April 25, 2024:

President Joe Biden’s pro-migration border chief is opening new processing centers for Muslim migrants, amid pro-HAMAS riots in U.S. cities and just after Congress granted $3.5 billion more for migration within the $95 billion aid package for Ukraine and Israel.

“Not only did the ‘Foreign Aid’ package do nothing to secure our own border, it included $3.5 Billion to supercharge mass migration from the Middle East,” said a tweet from Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO).

“The Biden-Harris administration set the refugee admissions ceiling for fiscal year 2024 at 125,000 refugees,” said an April 23 release from the Department of Homeland Security’s visa-granting agency, adding:

With the opening of the Doha Field Office on May 7, 2024, and the Ankara Field Office on May 9, 2024, USCIS will have 11 international field offices. Other international field offices include Beijing; Guangzhou, China; Guatemala City; Havana; Mexico City; Nairobi, Kenya; New Delhi; San Salvador, El Salvador; and Tegucigalpa, Honduras….

The two new USCIS centers that have just been announced will be used to process Muslim immigrants are in Doha, Qatar, where not just Qataris, but other Muslim Arabs, including Syrian and Palestinian “refugees,” will be able to apply for admission to the U.S., and in Ankara, where Turks and Syrian “refugees,” and even some Palestinians now living in Turkey will be able to apply for entry into the U.S. Those two of the eleven UCIS field offices, in Doha and Ankara, will now be exclusively for Muslims. And there are likely to be Muslim applicants as well coming through the USCIS office in New Delhi.

Look at what just two people — the Somali immigrant Ilhan Omar and the Palestinian daughter of immigrants Rashida Tlaib — have done to disrupt Democratic politics, pushing the party to be ever more hostile to Israel, and encouraging the pro-Hamas demonstrations who are brainwashing an entire generation of American students to not only denounce Israel and support the terror group Hamas, but also, on some campuses, to shout “Death to America.” The many Muslim migrants who have settled in just one key state, Michigan, have led Biden, who thinks he needs the Muslim vote in that state, to back away from his oft-repeated assurance that his support for Israel is “ironclad.” His administration has been moving heaven and earth, trying to prevent the IDF from entering Rafah and thus finishing off Hamas. The Bidenites have also refused to veto a UN Security Council Resolution that called for an immediate ceasefire without requiring that Hamas release its hostages. There has even been talk, among the Bidenites, to sanction the IDF’s “Netzah Yehuda” battalion for supposed human rights violations in the West Bank That does not seem to me like an “ironclad” commitment to Israel’s security.

Migration is deeply unpopular because it damages ordinary Americans’ career opportunities, cuts their wages, and raises their rents. It also curbs citizens’ workplace productivity, shrinks their political clout, and wrecks their democratic, equality-promoting civic culture. Migration also worsens inflation, widens regional wealth gaps, and extracts needed human resources from developing countries.

Migration of all kinds is increasingly viewed with disfavor by the American public, as the latest Siena College poll of voters in New York State shows. But it is only Muslim migrants who carry with them, undeclared in their mental baggage, their inculcated hatred of non-Muslims — “the most vile of created beings” — and especially their hatred of Jews, who are ”the strongest in enmity to the Muslims.”

That being the case, when the Bidenites choose to open two USCIS field offices in Doha and Ankara, to process a much greater number of Muslim would-be immigrants, they are harming the safety and wellbeing of American non-Muslims, and especially of American Jews. Yet in the mainstream media there has been no discussion about the opening of these field offices that will encourage both overall migration and, specifically, Muslim migrants to apply for entry into the U.S.

Where is the discussion of what this increase in Muslim migrants will mean for the cohesion of our society? What makes us believe that our country can avoid the phenomenon of the No-Go areas created by Muslim immigrants in Western Europe? What will those increasing numbers of Muslim migrants — who will now be coming through Doha and Ankara – mean for the physical security of Christians and Jews? Or for the economic wellbeing of Americans, given how much it will cost the federal and state governments to provide welfare benefits for a largely unschooled labor force of Muslims whose members do not speak English, but are determined to receive all the benefits the state provides, while being less eager to be gainfully employed? What will be the effect of an increase in Muslim migrants on the incidence of Muslim terrorism? There has been no public discussion of any of these matters. Is this the result of simple inattention or, more likely, a fear of being thought “Islamophobic”? Or have we now reached such a pass that we feel the pressure to accept increased Muslim immigration as contributing to that “diversity” in our country that we are all expected to believe is a positive good?



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