• April 18, 2024

Ukrainian Front Line Collapsing

 Ukrainian Front Line Collapsing

Image by Noah Brooks

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KYIV – ROBOTINO/VERBOVOYE has fallen into the arms of Russia – KRINKY during operation, 50% controlled; the FAU sends troops into the artillery, around 60 men in permanent rotation (FOR NOTHING), it is an untenable position with the Dnieper at its back .

LATOSHKINO (North West Avdiyevka) fell. The FAU had withdrawn in appalling conditions of disorder far too late, leaving behind scenes of indescribable chaos of dying wounded soldiers, while the Azov battalion came as reinforcements. They fled without an order to withdraw, an order which was subsequently ratified by their commander Syrsky, faced with a fait accompli. Withdrawn towards Lastoshkino, the high command asked them to quickly build a defense line while the front was moving very quickly less than 2km away. They again fled the place towards the North in an unknown direction across the Steppe, tens of km to go without any point of withdrawal or shelter. When MSM journalists minimize, then it’s time to say: It’s a total disaster!

SEVERNOE: Almost taken, matter of time. At the exit of Avdiyevka, the central point of the Ukrainian defense on the front line, nothing was prepared in the event of a collapse to accommodate a withdrawal.

CONCLUSION: Either from Lastoshkino/Severnoe the FAU retreats to Pokrovs (40 km North West, Pop: 60K), or to Kramatorsk (60 km North, Pop: 150K). Strategically it is more interesting for the Russian army to attack Kramatorsk, a big chunk to swallow because it would cut off the supply capacity of the FAU South West (It is a railway junction)… So logic would dictate that the FAU retreats to Kramatorsk. Once these targets have been reached, the Russian Army will dive into: Kurahovo – Ugledar, in order to set up the supply chain necessary to retake Kherson and Nikolaiev.

Obviously in front of: – Lack of men – The collapse of the front line – Lack of ammunition supply – The bitter failure of recruitment because the young men do NOT want to go get chopped up! – with a Syrsky in panic mode “I order what has already been executed by the base”.

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