• July 14, 2024

Unhinged Trans Lunatic Flips Table of Conservative Student Group at University of Washington (VIDEO)

 Unhinged Trans Lunatic Flips Table of Conservative Student Group at University of Washington (VIDEO)

Conservative students who are part of Turning Point USA were exhibiting at a table on campus at the University of Washington, when a trans activist approached their table and flipped it over.

This is one of the reasons why taxpayers will never consent to funding ‘free’ college. Why should all taxpayers pay for college when half of the country is not even welcome on most college campuses?

You’ll notice that this person mentions the ‘genocide’ of trans people, a lie that has been promoted by Democrats and the media.

Townhall reports:

Trans Extremist Goes Rogue, Flips Table at TPUSA As Biden WH Insists Trans Community Is Under Attack

A transgender activist went rogue at the University of Washington, confronting a Turning Point USA student group accusing them of supporting “the genocide of trans kids.”

Footage of the incident captured a trans protestor, who appeared to be a man wearing a dress and a mask (outdoors), attacking the conservative group, calling them “dumb b**tches.”

“Yeah, you just support the genocide of trans kids,” the trans activist said; in return, one of the TPUSA representatives said, “That’s such an assumption.”

The TPUSA rep asked the extreme liberal to point out what exactly is “anti-trans” on their information table.

The transgender flipped the table, sending all the material flying across the pavement while shouting, “Get the f*** off my campus, you Nazi!”

Transgender activists have increasingly become more angry and dangerous as the trans movement becomes more “acceptable” as the radical Left pushes for its normalcy.

See the video below:

A #trans activist confronts a @TPUSA student table at @uw in Seattle, accuses them of trans genocide, & has a sudden, uncontrollable violent outburst. These acts of violence from far-left extremists happen regularly but uni administrations don’t respond. pic.twitter.com/C2mI2vEDs0

— Andy Ngô

(@MrAndyNgo) April 14, 2023

The trans community has so many people on their side. Democrats, the media, Hollywood, academia and more. Yet it’s never enough support.

Trans activists seem to live in a perpetual state of rage.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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